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Mean Girls

Trump meets Holly and asks how the teams did. She liked Not So Little Jon a lot, she says, but thought Ms. Canseco was stiff, and that Meat Loaf needed to be reading to the kids, not to himself. Holly loved how the women had a big giant book and opened it to the audience, so it was like she was really reading it to them. She loved the use of the animal characters, too. But she thought the theme of "Be yourself" was a little too sophisticated for the audience, and the font of the book is way too small. She says she really liked both a lot, but she and Margery unanimously had a winner. Which is, of course, a perfect time for us to go to commercial.

And then the boardroom. Trump asks Meat Loaf who was the star on his team, and Meat Loaf says the whole team. He won't say anything negative about anyone. Trump says he heard Jose was a little bit stiff, and Meat Loaf says everyone was nervous about Jose, but he was the key to it, and Meat Loaf thought he delivered it perfectly. Trump asks Busey what he thought of project manager Meat Loaf, and Busey says he was incredible, and directed like a good director. Trump asks Hatch, who says he liked "Meat's" style, because this was his realm. Busey keeps saying, "He was great. He was great." Don tells Meat Loaf that Meat Loaf looked like he was in his tears when he came out on stage, and Meat Loaf says he was emotional about it. Trump thinks that's great. Eric also says he saw a lot of passion from Meat Loaf when he came into the room. Trump asks Meat Loaf if he's a really emotional guy, and Meat Loaf says he is. Trump asks who's the most difficult person to handle on this team, and Meat Loaf says it's Busey, which he isn't saying to be mean to Busey. Meat Loaf says Busey's got it, but it's tough for him to focus. Busey disagrees, and says he was very focused on his role. Meat Loaf agrees and says that the moment Busey went onto the stage, the children reacted. "That was pinpoint accuracy." Trump says that's why he's a great actor. Meat Loaf agrees, and Busey gives the thumb's up. So, even Meat Loaf's one negative ends up being a compliment? That is so not how it's going to go with Team ASAP. Trump asks Meat Loaf who he'll bring back if his team loses. Meat Loaf says he can't tell until people start talking at him.

Trump turns to Lisa and asks why she was reluctant to be project manager. She says she wanted to wait a little bit longer. Trump asks who would be better, and Lisa says any of them. He asks who pushed her into being project manager, and she says, "All of them. Star -- all of them." Trump asks if Lisa's getting along better with Star. Lisa says that right now they're doing fine. Trump asks Star, who says they are figuring out how to get along with each other. Don points out that Lisa just said that any one of them could have done the project manager role better than her, which doesn't sound like a real leadership trait. She says she just wanted to wait longer before taking on that role. He asks if she was bullied into it. She says that she had a moment where she didn't want to do it, but they all told her they'd help her and work for her. Star: "And we did." Then Trump takes a moment to tell Lisa how amazing she looks now that she had her lips reduced. He doesn't know why guys ever get tattoos or ladies get their lips pumped up. He tells her he shouldn't be saying it, but not to go back to the other crap. She swears she won't.

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