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Mean Girls

Trump asks Dionne what she thought of Lisa as project manager, and Dionne laughs, then says that Lisa has a lot to learn. Trump tells Lisa that the real Dionne is tough, and Lisa says she knows. Trump asks what was wrong, and Dionne says she would lose focus, and lose track of what was to be done, and she forgot a couple things that were important. Trump asks if Dionne thinks her team won, and Dionne says she thinks they did, without a doubt. Trump tells her not to say "without a doubt." Trump says that both teams did a really great job. Don agrees it was really impressive. So, Trump says, there is a doubt. Trump asks Nene what she thought of Lisa as project manager. Nene says she was surprised at her, in a bad way. She says she was sure Lisa had control, but she didn't. Trump thinks that's a tough statement. Or, you know, sabotage since she's the one who interviewed that they were pushing Lisa to do this so they could take her out. Trump asks Star, who says she was also surprised because Lisa's formidable. She says that when she and Lisa went toe-to-toe last week, she thought Lisa would be great. But she says Lisa has a big voice and big attitude, but very little organization. She says that Lisa knew she had people who had her back, though and she knew enough as a leader to let them get it done.

They show each team the other team's book. Trump asks them to study it and tell him what they think. The women love the men's book. Marlee says she does think it's beautiful, but likes theirs better. Star likes theirs a lot, too, but thinks that the women's is better. Mark says he likes the women's book, but prefers theirs, because it rhymes and is sing-songy. All of the men like their book much better. Trump points out the tiny font in Lisa's book compared with the font that is big enough to read in the men's book. Trump asks Don what Holly and Margery thought of the women's team. Don says they liked how Lisa held up the book and showed people. They liked La Toya in her role and the use of the Jackson family. They liked the repetition, of going back to the lion. They also liked the audience participation. They didn't like that the lead character wasn't fleshed out in the book like it was on the stage, the small font, or the sophisticated theme of "Be yourself." Eric tells them what the judges thought of the men: They thought the story was incredible, and loved the rhyming. They thought it was age-appropriate, with ABC's and counting. They thought Jose was very stiff, though, and didn't like his character. They also didn't like the confetti, which might have scared the children. And they thought Meat Loaf should have held up the book while he narrated. So, basically all the things we already heard Holly say to Trump. Are we sure this show needs to be two hours?

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