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The big gamble

And now, it is time to pull the winners of both drawings. Kwame spins the drum and pulls out the winning number for the $1,000 prize. She's there, and she looks very happy. A guy whose number is not picked does not look happy. Nick pulls the winner of the $300 giveaway (yippee), and that person is not present. How exciting. After all of this, it is time to retire to the blackjack area to announce who won the task.

There's a great shot of Trump strolling through the casino with Carolyn and Secondary NotGeorge alongside him -- they're both holding briefcases and he's not, and they're all walking in this very purposeful way. It's sort of awesome. ["It looked, to me, exactly like Lyman Zerga's entrance into the casino from Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven. Which would make Carolyn Casey Affleck. Snick!" -- Sars] They meet up with the teams, who are cantalouped again. Carolyn first announces the numbers for VersaCorp. They got 1,337 people signed up, for a total take of $105,362. Protégé, on the other hand, signed up 776 people. Bill looks shocked at this gap in numbers. Katrina smiles smugly. ["HATE!" -- Sars]

But not for long. Secondary NotGeorge explains that while Protégé had fewer gamblers, they had a substantially higher per-person average, for a total of $123,159. My guess is that spinning the wheel frankly took a lot longer than writing your name down for the stupid car giveaway, and that accounts for the difference in getting people signed up. They had a huge line, and some people just aren't going to stand in line for that long. Moreover, it's hard to know whether people did get poached from their line. But here's an interesting point: VersaCorp's patrons only spent an average of a little under $80 a person. Protégé's spent almost twice that much on average, but I'm almost certain it didn't break down anything like that. They probably signed up mostly people who spent the same $80 or so (since the crowd off the floor was the same people) and then had the VIPs who spent several thousand dollars. That's my guess. It really does almost have to be the VIPs who were the difference, just as Secondary NotGeorge said, because there's no other reason that the average per-person number for Kwame's team would be twice the number of Amy's team. "Amy, you finally lost," Trump says to her, as Amy sets her jaw unhappily. "And you guys finally won one!" he says to Kwame and Troy. Kwame and Troy congratulate each other, and Boyfriend Bill extends his hand to Troy as well.

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