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The big gamble

Now it's time for Amy to pick someone to go up to the suite and someone to stay with her. She chooses Nick to go up, meaning Katrina gets to stay. Nick smiles. Katrina smirks. Nick takes off, and Amy and Katrina go off to sit in the lobby and wait. It's interesting to watch the two women sitting on the yellow couch, trying to find a way that they can sit without showing everything under their skirts.

Trump chats with Carolyn and Secondary NotGeorge. Secondary NotGeorge says that he thinks no one did a particularly good job, but Katrina seemed especially uninterested in what was going on, and didn't seem to even be trying to contribute. Carolyn agrees, but adds that although Amy has done well in past tasks, she "made large mistakes" in this one. Trump brings the women back in. Carolyn starts by asking Amy what Nick did better than Katrina. Amy says that they were equal in this particular task, but over time, she thinks Nick has been the better candidate. Katrina insists that Nick isn't any better than she is. She complains that she's been "underestimated" and she hasn't been "given the opportunity" to be a good leader. She complains about the negotiation at the car dealership, claiming that Amy cut her off when she was trying to negotiate. Amy says that she doesn't understand that, because she thinks that Katrina was the one who ultimately did negotiate the deal. Amy says that Katrina "used some charm" and got the deal done. Katrina jumps in to bitch, because God forbid anyone should think that's how she functions, but Trump stops her to ask her whether she does, in fact, believe in "using womanly charm." Womanly charm? Oh, and me without my petticoats. She says that she "most definitely" does, and Amy says that she does, too, "absolutely." Trump asks whether they think that's unfair to the men, and Amy counters that every man who's left in the suite has used charm at some point or another. Uh...yeah, I can't really argue, I guess.

Trump changes the subject, asking Katrina whether she's surprised that she was picked. She says, all smirky, that she wasn't at all. And why? "Because of a personal relationship that Amy and Nick have, I thought I would be chosen." "What does 'personal' mean?" Trump asks. "You mean...they like each other?" Katrina nods. "I'm surprised at you, Amy," Trump asks, giving her a little bit of a hard time. "I don't make a decision on personal relationships," Amy says, starting to sweat openly. She insists that she made the decision only based on who's better. "Let me put it this way," Katrina says, "I think that Nick and Amy both play each other." Trump asks Amy whether that's true, and she looks up at the ceiling with a little smile, thinking how adorable she's going to look making this face on television, and she says it might be true. He asks her whether she'd be disappointed if that were the case, and she gets all, "Oh, of course not!" when, in fact, she would be very upset to think that Nick was playing her, because she has it in her mind that it is the opposite. Asked whether she would be disappointed if Nick were just playing her, she insists, "I think Nick has a crush on me." Trump asks whether her relationship with Nick was the reason why Nick went up and Katrina stayed, and Amy insists that it wasn't. Amy says that of course, they all have personal friendships, because they live together, but she maintains that that doesn't make the decision for her.

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