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The big gamble

Trump points out that after this firing, there will be one woman and four men left in the suite. "So they've staged a pretty good comeback," he says of the men who remain. "And you didn't help things by choosing a woman," Trump says. "You could have chosen your boyfriend." There is a pause, and Amy, in a full flop sweat, says that Nick isn't her boyfriend. Oh, sorry -- he's not her boyfriend "whatsoever." HA! She repeats that she thinks Nick is a better candidate than Katrina. Carolyn asks her, if that's true, why Amy would keep someone who's better competition down the line. Amy says that her focus is on "aligning [her]self with the strongest team members until the end." "And then you destroy them," Trump puts in. "Absolutely," she answers in a way that's very unconvincing. She strikes me as one of those women who doesn't have a shred of actual tough in her, but acts tough because she thinks tough is cute, which I find revolting.

Trump asks Katrina to remind him how many times her team has lost. She says only twice (before now), and Trump points out that, compared to Amy, that's a lot. Amy insists that "four times," she has "led teams to success." I'm not sure how she's doing that math, but...okay. Trump says that his problem is that he thinks they were equally poor at this particular task. But Amy, in the past, has been excellent. And Katrina, in the past, has been...Ereka's friend. Moreover, both teams have picked her to go back and forth when they were given the opportunity. "And therefore, Katrina, I have to're fired." God, FINALLY. ["HA-- oh, wait. Yay!" -- Sars] That took a really long time after the moment when she became irreversibly doomed. Amy smiles a neat, cold, greasy little smile that I didn't care for at all. As they leave, Trump says that he thinks Katrina "just wasn't as outstanding" as Amy, and thus, she had to go. She goes out and gets into her cab. Amy heads for the door of S4.

In her exit cab interview, Katrina remains absolutely obsessed with Amy and her relationships with the men, talking about how Amy does too have a thing with Nick, does too, does too! She goes on to advise the men that Amy will try to play all of them. So very tiresome, the jealousy. Find a new gig, Katrina.

Next week: High-priced real estate. Amy and Nick. "America's favorite couple." Bleh.

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