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The big gamble

When Trump is gone, Katrina stands with Amy and Nick, looking all bitchy with her arms crossed. Katrina really only has about three expressions -- she has Bitchyface, Flirtyface, and Self-Righteousface. They're the primary colors of her personality, and everything else is some combination of them. This is about 90 percent Bitchyface, with 10 percent Self-Righteousface thrown in for extra style points. She explains that Amy is acting as PM, and Katrina thinks it's time for Amy to "prove that she deserves the attention that she's getting." Jealousy is not really flattering on Katrina, any more than it's flattering on most people. Incidentally, speaking of "not really flattering," Amy's shirt here is one of the worst I've ever seen -- she's lovely, but of all her features, her chest is not actually the best one, and this shirt is like some kind of scientifically perfected Sag Emphasizer. In fact, I think it's the Sag Emphasizer Ultra, Now With Extra Gravity. I can't think of anyone who would look good in that lumpy beige thing -- I most certainly wouldn't -- but Amy really doesn't. Katrina bitches some more that with Nick and Amy having "some kind of love affair," she just doesn't need to be anyone's friend. Not that either Nick or Amy would want to be her friend anyway, it seems to me, but there's no reason to step on her point. Except, you know, to amuse myself.

Bill isn't much happier about his new team than I am about Amy's shirt. "I'm shocked that they picked me," he grumbles, "because Troy and I do not have compatible styles, in my opinion. In fact, uh, we're exact opposites. Frankly, I'm not exactly fond of the way he does business." Oh, relax, Boyfriend Bill. You might learn a few expressions that will be really helpful if you're ever trying to pick up chicks at a rodeo. The candidates all pile into the bus, which certainly leaves them lots of room. As they're getting ready to leave, Kwame suggests to Troy and Bill that they all brainstorm for fifteen or twenty minutes, and then they'll talk about some ideas. Kwame interviews that his management style is to hook up with great people and not get in their way too much. He claims that his leadership style works well with people like Bill and Troy, because they both work independently once you give them an idea of what the task is. He claims that this is why they selected Bill in the first place. As stated previously, I think they picked Bill because every other choice was even worse, but...there you have it. If Kwame wants to say "our management styles mesh" instead of "I'd rather be boiled like a lobster than work with Katrina," that's up to him. I won't tell.

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