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The big gamble

On the bus, Protégé is working the phones, setting up meetings and chatting about different ideas. Troy, in an interview that looks like it's being conducted in a dingy field somewhere while he's being held as a political prisoner by a group of separatist raccoons ("We will have our own government and our own trashcans from which to eat!"), explains that they worked the whole way down to Atlantic City. And to their surprise, when they looked up in front of the bus, Amy, Nick, and Katrina were all sleeping. The ironic sound guy uses little "clickety-zoing!" noises to indicate that VersaCorp is just snoozing like a bunch of bums. Troy marvels at how nonchalant they all are, considering that it's down to six people.

The bus drives under an Atlantic City sign, and as we see the Trump Taj Mahal, the music turns hysterically (and I have to think intentionally hysterically) regal and trumpety. It reminds me a little of the very end of The Muppet Movie, just before the set collapses in a grand display of hubris directed against the perpetrators of phoniness. Parallels? Oh, I think so. When they get inside the Taj Mahal, Secondary NotGeorge greets them. Apparently, they took the bus, but Secondary NotGeorge got out ahead of them by being jet-propelled or sent in the Trump Hydraulic Slingshot. (Which didn't muss his hair, of course.) Troy hasn't spent enough time in casinos, I think, because as they walk through, he marvels at how "amazing" the Taj is. Poor Troy. He's a sucker for big candlepower. Secondary NotGeorge explains that "what the customer always wants is to have a great time." Well, sure, except for those people who write on their comment cards, "Next time, LESS FUN!!!!" Bill asks Secondary NotGeorge about how many "gaming positions" the place has, and it begins to appear that perhaps Bill, for whatever reason, speaks casino. Bill interviews that the game was, to his eye, not going to be won or lost on volume, but on the kind of player you register -- in other words, you've got to sign up the people who are going to be spending a lot of money.

Random casino shots. We find ourselves in the VersaCorp hotel suite, where Amy is saying that they need some kind of great spectacle. Katrina suggests belly dancers. Well, sure. That would be a draw. Because you can't hit scantily-dressed chicks in Atlantic City, unless you're willing to, I don't know, swing your arms. Katrina also suggests a tiger, followed by a car. (Well, she suggests a tiger and then she suggests a car -- a tiger being followed by a car would be kind of anticlimactic, no matter how much engine-revving you threw in.) She claims that when she sees a car, she always walks toward it. She claims this has something to do with curiosity, but I suspect it's because cars are shiny. Katrina interviews that Amy was not interested in her ideas. Amy -- Amy, people -- says that they could pay for "a weekend car rental" of a "luxury vehicle of choice." Katrina unexcitedly refers to this in an interview as "Amy's plan." She goes on to snot that "Amy needs to be held responsible" if the rental plan doesn't work.

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