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The big gamble

Bill then talks to the girl Amy sent over, as well as another woman who I think is maybe a manager, and he complains that for the guys in line to be jumped on by two people looks really chintzy, which I agree with, although God knows it's not like chintzy is going to stand out in this setting. He also tells the girl that she can go anywhere else in the casino, but she ought to leave him fifty feet around the line where he arranged to have access. (I don't think he literally means he's getting out a ruler; I think he just means she can't linger around the counter the way she was.) It's not as much that I dislike Bill in this particular scene as it is that I think he's not really getting the vibe of the game -- he's always been somewhat like this, wanting the game to really resemble business as business would be conducted, and that's just not going to happen. And when he gets frustrated, he acts kind of morally outraged, just have to get over if you're going to do a show like this. Because even though I think he's a good guy, he comes off like he's shaking the tiny fist and such, and that just doesn't make you look good.

In keeping with this episode theme of Amy's team trying to poach from Kwame's team, Katrina sends one of her chicks over to try to grab people out of the line waiting for Protégé's game. Again, that's just cheap. I mean, is it rule-breaking? No. But cheap? Yes. Does it indicate that you don't have a lot of ideas of your own? Yes, that too. When the girl gets over there and tries to take people out of the line, Troy steps right over and walks her away from them. He just keeps up a constant jabber of "sure do appreciate it" and "we'll just have you step right over here" and "pretty as a peach," and although she protests, there's really nothing she can do, because Troy just keeps up a constant patter until she doesn't have any choice but to scoot. Bill interviews that the attempt to poach people they've already hooked is "completely inappropriate," which...again, not rule-breaking. Just tacky, especially when you do it multiple times in the same task. And again, Bill is just wanting people to be a lot more knights-of-the-round-table about all of this than they're ever going to be. He needs a drink. But at any rate, as if two poachings isn't enough, Amy notices that Troy has arranged to have a microphone to promote his game, and so she goes off and tries to get a microphone for herself. Because this is the episode of Oh Me Too, Me Too, Only I Have A Rental Car! Not only is Amy still keeping up the poach, but she denies she's even "taking a hint" from the other team. And denying it is even tackier than doing it in the first place. As to the substance of her plan as opposed to its originality (or lack thereof), rather than set up a line that people can come over to when they take a break, Amy gets her microphone and shouts into the casino for people to leave the slot machines -- where they're spending money -- and come and ogle the car which...they don't have a chance to win. In a side conversation, Carolyn says to Secondary NotGeorge that it's kind of counterproductive for Amy to be pulling people off the casino floor. "And she's screaming into the casino," Secondary NotGeorge adds in a tight, unhappy voice. "Great."

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