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When did "capelets" become all the rage?

John now has a powwow with Kelly on the balcony about Wes and Kevin being equally responsible for price. Kelly isn't so sure Wes and Kevin are the way to go. He warns John that taking two strong players into the Boardroom is a great way to get yourself booted, particularly since they'll gang up on him. John has a new plan -- he tells Kelly, "Andy didn't screw up, but he didn't do shit either." He asks Kelly who Kelly would say should be fired overall if he were asked, and Kelly says Andy. Or he agrees to say Andy, or whatever. And he insists he could justify it either based on all the tasks, or on this task, where Andy "didn't do anything."

The elevator doors open, and the men head for the Boardroom. Trump enters. "So men, after four victories in a row, you finally lost. What happened?" Rather than saying what happened, John answers a totally different question by talking about how very "devastated" they are by the defeat. Looking paler and more panicked by the minute, he says he thought they were underdogs, but he resolved to "work [his] butt off" and do whatever he could to snag the win. It's amazing how some people who seem normal in other circumstances completely look like weasels in this situation. John writes the entire loss off to having "priced [them]selves out of the market." Wes looks down at the table. Trump asks who set the prices. Kevin says that it was him and Wes. He says that they went out and talked to the buyers and tried to get the best feel that they could for where the market was. Kevin points out that John probably doesn't even know anything about how they set the prices in the first place. John insists that he responsibly delegated it to Wes and Kevin, and Trump asks him whether total delegation of something like pricing was a good idea to begin with. John argues that pricing should have been very easy, because the designer knew what everything should cost.

Kevin counters that he thinks they blew the task when they picked Ilse, which was John's decision. Kevin says that Ilse uses more expensive materials, so they were at a disadvantage from the beginning. He doesn't even mention that she thinks knickers are still a viable option, which I totally would have. I would have said, "And, I mean...did you see the clothes? John picked her, and she made knickers." And then I would say something like, "I think I've made my point," and stop talking. Anyway, Trump asks whether Kevin thinks John should be fired, and Kevin says yes.

Raj asks to speak in defense of John, but Trump cuts him off. "What do you know? You just wanted the models." At first, this is lighthearted, but Carolyn and Trump make clear that Raj drove both Ilse and the models kind of nuts, and they're clearly not happy about it. Asked whom he would fire, Raj is the first to bring up Andy. He says that Andy hasn't been able to gain the team's respect, and admits that it's in part because Andy is young. As to the particular task, Raj blames Kevin, for what happened with the pricing. (And not Wes because...?) George challenges Raj on why he's blaming Kevin if he just said he'd fire Andy. Raj makes the fair point that who screwed up this task the worst might be a different matter from who overall deserves to be fired the most. Trump turns to Andy, who says he'd fire John, for having "led [the team] in the wrong direction." He then asks Kelly whom he would fire, and Kelly again fingers Andy, saying he "needs the most attention and oversight." Andy counters that if he requires so much babysitting, he doesn't understand why he was the one handling the line sheets on his own. John is, you can tell, trying to set Andy up in a Stacie J. kind of situation as he says, "Because that was the most non-intellectual, labor-intensive job, because no one would trust you to do anything where you --" "That's not true at all," says Kevin, quite annoyed with John for trying to shift the blame off of himself by making it seem like the entire team sees Andy as a screw-up. Trump asks the exempt Chris what he thinks. He says that even though John worked very hard on the task, he'd fire John, because there just were too many problems. John looks surprised by this.

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