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When did "capelets" become all the rage?

When the begging is over, Trump turns to Andy. "You shouldn't be in this room," he says. He goes on to tell John that he made some bad choices as the PM. And then, the horrible voicing over commences. For some reason, either because Trump made no sense, or because Trump talked about something copyrighted, or some dumb-ass thing like that, they can't use Trump's real comments, so this is all voice-over work, and it's just atrocious. I mean, you can never really match voices, but Trump is also horrible at trying to sound spontaneous, so he always sounds like he's reading lines when he does this. He "says" that Kevin overpriced the designs, but he can't fire him, largely because John was even dumber by not bringing Wes. Furthermore, John didn't take a hand in pricing, which he should have. "As the project manager, that's just inexcusable," he "says." We come back to real live Trump just to hear him say, "John, you're fired." John leans back and exhales. "Too many bad decisions," Trump adds, in case he doesn't get it. The guys get up and leave. Andy and Kevin head up; John heads down.

When the guys are gone, Trump tells Carolyn and George that he thinks it was a hard choice, because he thinks John has a lot of talent, but...again with the too many bad decisions. And I think that at this point, I definitely get it.

John gets into his cab. Goodbye, John. You were not bright, but you were pretty.

In his exit interview, John chalks his ouster up to "unfortunate circumstances." He insists that anyway, nobody else could have done any better. Way to get the point, there, kid.

Next week: Team shuffle! Unexpected returns to the Boardroom! Something with dogs! And, deliciously, Donald Trump hates "people that [sic] exaggerate."

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