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When did "capelets" become all the rage?

Well, first, Mosaic will arrive at the design school to find that Ilse is nowhere near finished with their clothes. John comments that there was a lot still to do when they got there, and not a lot of time to do it. Raj is put to work on the same promo stuff that Apex's designer did for them, which seems quite unfair to me. They ought to be told exactly what's the designer's responsibility and exactly what's theirs, because it's not cool to have one designer do all the work while the other designer does just the clothes, it seems to me. Raj tries to ask Ilse questions that will help him describe the clothes on the "line sheets," but she's in too much of a hurry and keeps blowing him off. Kelly complains that Raj "doesn't shut up," and kept asking her stuff. She complains about the stupidity of the questions, but what I don't understand is that if she's told them all this stuff, as she implies, why didn't any of the other guys step in and give the information to Raj? It feels to me more like she didn't, in fact, explain it, and the guys expected Raj to just make up the line sheets, which I don't think he can really be expected to do. Furthermore, I like Kelly, but he needs to stop standing around making faces at how much everyone else sucks, because that will get old very quickly. And as he explains how he stepped in to lecture Raj about how the information he wanted was "information [he didn't] need," I really wish Raj had just said, "Then you should do the line sheets," because I think Raj is right that if you don't know what the clothes even are, you can't really write up anything to describe them. In an interview, Kevin blames John for not stepping in with the Raj situation and leaving Kelly to do it instead.

With a few hours to showtime, Maria takes the most favored Apexiennes with her to the St. Regis, leaving Stacy and Elizabeth to do the actual work of creating the sheets with the swatches on them. Elizabeth interviews that, obviously, she would have rather been at the hotel, but she recognizes that she's "not the favorite of the group," so she knows realistically that she's "not in with a lot of them the way a lot of them are in with each other." I, personally, think this speaks highly of her, and she should be grateful.

John announces that he's going with Raj and Chris to the hotel to "get these models dressed," and he's leaving Kevin and Wes to do pricing and Andy doing the line sheets. And Kelly...blustering, I guess. And probably saying "ladies" a lot. Kevin interviews that he's not sure John, the PM, should have bailed out early, leaving the rest of them to deal with pricing. "I think that John should have had more control over the things that were most important, like pricing," he says. "A leader stays where he's most needed." Yes. I hear that is a major element of leadership. That and "a leader never goes anywhere without a hard, oval protrusion under his suit between his shoulder blades." You haven't heard that one? Huh. Anyway, Wes explains that Ilse went through and gave them what he characterizes as "minimum" appropriate prices for the items they were selling. The guys all stand around and look at the prices, and they decide to hike the prices substantially from what Ilse suggested. And interestingly, while Wes and Kevin may have been primarily in charge of price, Kelly is clearly in on this conversation, too. Finally, when they're done with that, they all head out for the show.

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