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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

X-Box John actually puts the matter pretty well and succinctly: "We need to take care of the things you committed to." Exactly.

Meanwhile, at the polo club, the painting of the grass has begun. Apparently, the field has dried out nicely, so at least there's that to be grateful for. But just as Kelly is beginning to relax, a woman pops in and says that they need to see him out on the field. As it turns out, the head of the polo club needs to break the news that you can't put a colored logo -- in this case, the Wisk logo -- in the path of the horses. Because horses, like reality-show contestants, ironically enough, are easily distracted by that which is colorful or shiny. Kelly, rubbing his eyes, says that he has to call up the folks at Wisk and talk to them. As he heads for the office, he tells us that he was pretty stressed over having to renegotiate with a sponsor a couple of hours before the event. He adds that their sponsorship is worth about $250,000, so he'll want to help Wisk be happy. It's so sickening, but I know that if it were me, the entire time I was walking up to the clubhouse, I would be writing "ring around the collar" jokes for the Wisk guy in my head. "Don't put a ring around the caller, but I have bad news, heh heh." "Well, it's a little more serious than ring around the collar, but we still think it'll all come out in the wash!" "Hey, guy, just giving you a 'ring' -- get it? Do ya?" Because I bet Wisk thinks those are hilarious. I bet they only get pissed off if you make an "ancient Chinese secret" joke, which is kind of like calling Melania "Ivana."

Back at Riverbank, Jen is on the phone saying she needs the building engineer ASAP. "You guys are in charge of facility," she says, again making sure she hits every opportunity to explain why something isn't her responsibility. Eventually, they get a generator in to get the games up and running again. X-Box John tells her that he's glad they're running on a generator now. "Thanks for fixing the problem," he says. "No problem," she answers. Does she say, "We're so sorry this happened and we're really grateful for your patience while we fixed it?" She does not. She just says, "No problem," and she walks away, like she's glad he finally thanked her. Yuck.

At the polo club, Kelly is on the phone with someone I suppose is a Wisk guy, to whom he fesses up that they've had a "snag" and won't be able to put the logo where they thought they could. He explains that Wisk left him the responsibility for figuring out the next best place to put logos on the field: "I've got to step in, make a decision, go one way or the other, and I'm going to suffer the consequences if it's bad or, hopefully, do well if it's good." Now there's a novel theory. He tells the guy on the phone, "I will talk to the painters immediately about where the next best place to put it is." That's what I mean by owning the problem, by the way, not that you probably couldn't tell. Kelly is treating this as his problem to solve, not as something where his job is to make sure that he can't later be faulted for anything he did. He goes out on the field and meets up with the club guy, and they work out where the logos can be, and then he tells us that he thinks the logos in front of the grandstand will make it a "no harm, no foul" situation.

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