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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

In Greenwich, Elizabeth is greeting people as they arrive, and Raj is sending John down to the members' tent to handle them. And whom is the woman with who Elizabeth is greeting? Oh, she's with Genworth. Say it again -- Genworth! What's that spell? Genworth! Elizabeth huddles with another woman who's apparently part of the staff, and tells her that she (Elizabeth) had believed that the tables had been arranged in advance, and they hadn't, so they're having to "work around" that small problem. Elizabeth then interviews that all the important people are going to wind up in this tent later. And then, there will be mudwrestling and it will turn into a key party, and if Elizabeth does her job, nobody will go home with the same person he or she arrived with. Granted, I am reading between the lines. "I know what to do," she tells the other woman, placing a hand meaningfully on her shoulder. See? I'm totally right.

The Trumpicopter approaches. In it, Trump looks down at the new Trump National Golf Club (which he wants to make sure you hear about), and tells whoever is on the Copterphone that he wants construction sped up and wants them to work faster. Because apparently, he can tell that they're slacking...from the air. That's awesome. It would be even better from a 747. Call up and be like, "Through the break in the clouds, I can see that the dot representing my project is the same size it was when I flew over it four days ago. Move your asses, losers, or you'll be replaced with a bunch of reality-show contestants who will pour concrete for minimum wage if I promise to put them on television and call it The Bricklayer." In Kelly's office, Carolyn asks him how many guests are here already, and he says, "I have no idea." She takes this in with a nod. "What's going on over there?" she asks. "It's a little bit of a melee," he answers. He admits he needs to get over there and get out of the office. "I'd say you should run," she says. Heh.

And here is Trump, de-coptering and yapping on the phone. And what is Kelly doing? Oh, he's still on the spreadsheet, because he can think of nothing better he could be doing right now than...checking the spreadsheet. And he's still tethered to the office. And Carolyn...can't...believe it. Finally, Kelly gets himself out of the office and heads over to where Trump's limo is pulling up on the grass. Trump first runs into Carolyn (not with the limo -- after he gets out) and asks her how it's going, and she gives the event a tentative positive review so far. They compliment the good-looking crowd, because there's no reason not to suck up to people just because they can't hear you. Kelly explains to us that, as he was golf-carting over, he saw the "flurry of activity" and the pink tie (hee), and he knew that he was in the presence of greatness. Or at least Trumpness. He walks up and greets Trump, but not right on his arrival, so he and Jen are probably pretty much even at this point. As he starts to walk Trump up to his box seat, Kelly interviews that he realized that he hadn't inspected Trump's seats after the initial quick check to make sure they were okay. In fact, when they get up there, Trump decides that the seats are "dirty" and "not lined up properly." Which...I mean, okay, I guess they weren't wiped off or something, but they're folding chairs. The fact that they're not in a perfect row lined up with a T-square seems rather petty, to me. He further claims that two of the seats are broken, but...I'm not sure. "You wouldn't have it that way," he says to Carolyn. "No," she says. "No, I would not." Although I sensed a slight chuckle in her response, almost like a "No, I would not, because you, sir, are a big crybaby pain in the ass about things like this, and I, unlike Kelly, am used to it." She goes on to interview that Trump will be watching everything, and will expect any problems to be fixed quickly. We watch as Kelly brings in new chairs, and then he interviews with frustration that after all the details he got right, he didn't check Trump's chair. It's always the little things, isn't it? Especially with the obsessive germophobes.

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