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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

Jen and Kelly get off the elevator in the lobby, and Robin has them sit down and wait as their six teammates arrive and enter the Boardroom to talk to Trump. Trump starts with Pamela, asking her how Jennifer did. "I think that Jennifer worked to the best of her ability," Pamela says. "I think that she tried very hard. She worked very hard. And I think that Jennifer maybe misprioritized where she should spend her time. All the items were taken care of, but I don't think that Jennifer's style is to go above and beyond the call of duty. I don't think that we were an inspired group. I think that we are type-A personalities who are workaholics, and you know, I think that net-net, it was...congratulations on a job, uh...done." Heh. Trump asks Chris for his opinion. He praises Jen for being good at delegating "and not being hands-on." Hm. He adds, however, that were he in Jennifer's position, he would have in fact used that skill a little less and been "more hands-on."

Stacy, though, takes up for Jen, saying Jen is "sharp" and "tough": "You can't put one over on Jennifer." And then, in one of the goofiest moments of the finale for me personally, Stacy adds, "She will not take crap sitting down." But I swear to God, because of the way she says it, the first time I heard it, I heard, "She will not take a crap sitting down." I swear, that's what I heard, and you can believe my head whipped around pretty damn quick. Because I knew that Jen was kind of an immaculate princess, but I could not wait to hear where Stacy was going with that one. Anyway, Trump asks the team about the fact that Jennifer brought him to his seat, but then vanished and never spoke to him again. Pamela agrees that Jen should have been "more of an ambassador" for the event. Trump asks the team which they thought was better -- for her to drop him off and leave, or for her to hang around. Stacy casts this as whether he prioritizes "face time" or "actually working," which forces him to vote for "actually working." But of course, they're not mutually exclusive, and working on personal relationships at an event like that is actually working. What's more, Stacy says that if he wants someone who does work, "Jen's [his] man." His man? Do people not listen to themselves at all? Stacy confirms that she thinks Jennifer should win. Not that Stacy knows a hell of a lot about Kelly, but there you go.

Asked whether Kelly worked well with the sponsors, John says that "the results were very, very good," which is oddly nonspecific in some way. The team agrees, though, that Kelly's drawback was in not catering to the VIPs, presumably because he was stuck in the office on the laptop. Trump says that he heard Elizabeth was very good on the task, and the guys jump in with comments that are clearly pretty genuine, saying that, indeed, Elizabeth did do well. She beams under the praise, because Elizabeth still cares more than she really should what other people think, especially when those people are John. Asked his opinion of Kelly, Raj explains that with some people, they just have something. And you might like it, and you might not like it, but they have a spark of some kind. Kelly doesn't have that. Like, at all. And I totally agree. Raj again uses the word "robotic." Wow. "Robotic" twice from different people? That's gotta hurt. Or, you know, rust, or whatever. Trump points out that Raj has never been a fan of Kelly, and Raj hesitates and then says, "I don't like him. I don't hate him; I don't like him." But then Raj says that he thinks Kelly would indeed be a good person for Trump. And this, again...I mean, I don't like to employ stereotypes, but I like the fact that Raj is able to separate out the emotional issue of whether he likes Kelly from the business/competition issue of whether Kelly is good at what he's doing. ["I still think Raj prefers Kelly because Kelly is not a woman." -- Wing Chun] Basically, Raj says that Kelly will be good, and that he'll be solid, but Raj doubts he's going to be some brilliant, charismatic leader. Which, basically, is exactly what I think, except that I would throw in that Kelly is also kind of an arrogant bully, and I'm still pissed off at him about the way he treated Andy. That's a grudge that's going to linger. Maybe I should dance with Raj more. We could talk about the circuitry of the wicked.

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