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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

Trump asks Stacy whom she would hire, and she says Jen, which would be enough to make me hire Kelly, were I in Trump's position. "Ew, get off my side!" yells Jen's tormented soul from somewhere in the universe. Chris is asked what he thinks, and in a particularly pained moment, he seriously looks like he wouldn't hire either of them for anything, ever, including dog-walking. But he eventually says that he "probably" would go with Jennifer. Pamela hesitates, too, and Trump points out that she clearly would get rid of both of them. Which is exactly true. And basically, Pamela admits that, and she commits to neither side. Raj carefully says, "I would hire Kelly; I just wouldn't spend too much time with him." Snerk. Of course, I don't think I'd spend time with any of them, so. Elizabeth says she'd hire Kelly. John would hire Kelly, too. So the count is that all three people on Kelly's team picked Kelly, one person on Jen's team picked Jen happily, one person on Jen's team picked Jen very grudgingly, and one person on Jen's team said, "Feh, ptui." Trump congratulates the six losers on ascending to the positions they did, and then he sends them out, promising that they've been "very helpful." They all walk out, passing through the lobby past a nervous-looking Kelly and Jen.

Finally, Trump directs Robin to send in Jen and Kelly. They do not shake hands. They do not smile. They do not wish each other luck. When they get inside and sit down, Trump asks Jennifer about the fact that she greeted him, slightly late, and then disappeared, and that he never saw her after that. He takes a sideways slam at the dirty chair he got from Kelly, who flinches in pain at the memory. And if Kelly loses, chairs are going to become the motif with which to torture him. Poor Kellybot. He's going to wind up more afraid of folding chairs than anyone, ever. (Well, except my parents' dog. Long story, and it's really more about folding card tables, but...what was I saying?) Jen tries to explain that she was working with Genworth and "putting out fires" (oh, not that again), but Trump says that whether she was busy or not, he wound up standing around unescorted after the event, which wasn't appropriate, so he still sees that as a flub on her part. George now takes over for a minute, in which he says to Jen that he saw her as primarily obligated to deal with Genworth and the NBA. She did not handle either of these entities face-to-face at the actual event. Jen protests that she was in contact with Genworth the previous day and at the VIP reception. George tells her that irrespective of what she felt like she did, she needs to understand that she left the impression with Genworth of paying inadequate attention to their needs. Unable to listen, as usual, Jen goes on the attack, as usual, claiming that she did everything right and that it's all Genworth's fault. She doesn't cite anything she wishes had gone better, she doesn't cite any mistakes she made, she doesn't cite anything she regrets about the way she handled it. Carolyn tries to tell Jen that, whether she likes it or not, Jen needs to understand that this is what Genworth perceived about the event. Jen literally says, "Okay, I hear you, but I don't see how that's possible." Right. George is probably lying. This is kind of what kills her in this Boardroom, to me -- she cannot admit even the slightest, tiniest flaw. She cannot listen to any criticism. She cannot admit that her best intentions might not have worked quite as she hoped, and that basically precludes learning anything. The next time Jen does an event, it will go exactly like the last one, because she can't acknowledge that she isn't already perfect, so she sees no need to adjust anything about her approach.

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