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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

Carolyn now asks Jen to address the complaint from her team that she turned over much of the major work to them and spent too much of her own time on "minor details." Jen agrees that she turned over "chunks of responsibility" to the team. But she insists that she stayed in charge, and needed to delegate in order to handle the stuff that came up. George isn't buying. He tells her that, in the end, he thought there was still some doubt over whether she can "take the responsibility for areas that cannot be delegated." He believes that by delegating the responsibilities for dealing with Genworth and dealing with the NBA, Jen made an error. Jen has no comment. Because they don't want to hear her say "I don't care what the client thought, because the client is wrong," and that's essentially what she thinks.

Now, it's time to discuss Kelly. Asked how he did, Carolyn says that she felt like the biggest issue was "lack of motivation to the staff." She says that while he came up with the right things to delegate to his three helpers, he didn't do a good job of getting them on the stick, because they weren't naturally motivated, given that they had already been fired. Trump adds that all three of his team members said that there was a fair amount of tension on the team. Kelly tells the story of Elizabeth's "dictator" move on the last day, and explains that it created a lot of tension. Told that Raj is "not a big fan" of Kelly, Kelly says he gets that. Is he surprised? "Not really." Is he a big fan of Raj? "After this task, I am," Kelly says, going on to credit Raj's hard work. Carolyn also tells Kelly that she thinks he hid behind the laptop forty minutes into the event. He tells her that he was trying to operate as a "hub" for the event, but when Carolyn says it was a mistake to do that in the clubhouse, Kelly actually tells her that he agrees, and now realizes it would have been better to take the laptop and printer and move over closer to the event. "I acknowledge that I missed that hit time by about forty minutes," he says. And then there is thoughtful beeping and whirring.

Asked whether Jen is a good leader, Kelly says that he hasn't seen Jennifer lead. Asked whether she thinks Kelly is a good leader, Jen says, "I question Kelly's integrity." And on what basis? Well, she's overheard him talking about her, and when she goes up and tells him that she's overheard his private conversations, he won't discuss them with her. You know, I really don't see what this has to do with integrity. I've heard this a few times recently on different shows, that you lack integrity if you say bad things about people behind their backs. But you really don't. You don't lack integrity for not liking someone, or for discussing with someone else the fact that you don't like them. Now, if Kelly were claiming to be Jen's best friend and then were talking about her to other people, that's a lot more sketchy. But just not liking people is not a blemish on your integrity. And if they happen to overhear a conversation in which you say you don't like them, well, that's very unfortunate. And they're not going to like you for it, because nobody likes people who say unkind things about them. But that is not, in itself, an issue having any discernible relationship to integrity, that I can see. And it's not like Jen has a right to demand that Kelly share all of his thoughts "to her face" if he chooses to keep them to themselves. This whole thing -- this idea that people are only selective about what they choose to say for reasons of "cowardice" -- strikes me as so dumb. Sometimes people choose not to tell you what they think of you because they know you won't change the behavior, or because they don't want to hurt your feelings, or because they know you'll throw an apoplectic fit, or because they don't consider you worth arguing with. It's not a character flaw not to shit-talk people to their faces, provided you're not pretending to be their friend or using them for money or free movie tickets or job opportunities or something.

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