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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

Kelly basically says this, telling Jen that it's her own problem if she's going around the suite eavesdropping on other people's conversations. In other words, the fact that you overhear something doesn't make it any of your business, even if it's about you. When he explains that this was happening in the suite partly because people did come to him and talk about her, she tries to attack him about why other people would be coming to him to complain about her, which...well, because they don't like you, Jen. People talk. Especially when you don't have any friends to stick up for you. It's not that complicated. Her whole approach is so weird. It's can decide you don't give a shit about what people think of you, but you have to accept that, sometimes, that means people won't like you, and you can't be this precious about it, it seems to me. "Kelly is manipulative, and he's doing it right now," Jen declares, in spite of the fact that she's the one who brought this entire thing up, so it's not clear to me how Kelly is manipulating anything.

Trump moves on to asking Jen why he should hire her. "I think you should absolutely hire me," she says. "I have the passion and the drive...I stayed up for almost two nights straight -- three days straight, excuse me -- and I had employees that I inspired even though I had previously fired them." Okay, first of all, Stacy is the only one even arguably "inspired" by Jen. Second of all, "I had previously fired them"? HAHAHA! See? You can see it. Jen believes that she manipulated who was fired at various points in the game, which is exactly what people have accused her of. She sits back and figures out how to blame a particular person for something that went on, and then she sees that as her accomplishment in effectively "firing" that person. It's a Freudian slip, sort of, but I think it speaks volumes. Jen believes that she has manipulated the outcome, and it makes her look like exactly the sneaky-ass operator that other people have continually said she was. She spends every task not figuring out how to win the task, but instead figuring out how to get someone else fired. So she sees Pamela's firing and Chris's firing -- both of which happened on teams she was on -- as accomplishments of hers. See? She's an evil genius, but evil geniuses are still evil.

Anyway, Jen says, "I have what it takes. I don't think Kelly does." Very convincing response, there.

Now, Trump asks Kelly why Trump should hire him. He says that he's stepped up on the tasks, and that he seeks, rather than shirks, leadership positions. The montage speeds up as they go back and forth praising themselves, and then finally, Trump tells them that he congratulates both of them. They're both good folks. But now they have to leave, so that he can talk to George and Carolyn about the myriad ways in which they suck.

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