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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

Riverbank State Park, where Jen is on the Space Communicator, still talking to Chris Webber's assistant. And it's not so much "talking to" as it is "haranguing." She's going on and on about Webber's "firm commitment" to the charity as Stacy looks on, Chris pouts, and Pamela, unsurprisingly, is doing work, as she is wont to do. "It basically blows the entire event," Jen tells the assistant. And of course, there are a few problems with this approach, one of which is that the assistant doesn't have the power to make Webber go if he doesn't want to, and another of which is that Webber probably wouldn't be doing this if he gave a holy cannoli about blowing the event, and still another of which is that if you're nasty, he's probably never going to do an event for the charity again, whereas if you would chill out, you might get him to commit to some kind of an alternative obligation. It's also patently obvious from what ensues that Webber's presence, given the presence of a bunch of other NBA players, is not really that big a deal, since one famous guy built like a tree is pretty much like another, and Jen either doesn't fully understand that, or she's not being upfront about it. Chris interviews that he didn't blame Jen for being "aggressive," since "there's no time for nice" in that situation. Which would make sense if she were talking to the person whose decision it was, but she isn't. It looks to me like Jen spends a lot of energy in that situation venting her spleen at someone who genuinely has no ability to provide a solution, and that's pointless. As well as being the kind of thing that gets you a reputation as a The Devil Wears Prada-style bitch and a half. This is even more evident when Jen turns flat-out nasty with the assistant on the phone, saying, "None of us are stupid enough to believe that he can't alter that meeting, okay?" Yeah. If I'm Chris Webber's assistant, you've just lost any possibility that I'm going to try to help you out, either by talking to my guy or by jumping in and, say, suggesting somebody else you might call to fill in. Once you go all petulant with your "I'm not stupid!" display of temper, I'm getting you off the phone and forgetting all about you. Except that if I ever have occasion to speak to Genworth, I'm going to tell them that Webber is sending a donation in lieu of having been able to appear, and while I'm at it, I'm going to drop a hint about just how rude the manager of their event was on the phone and tell them that they might not want that particular person representing them in the future. "She bitch-slapped Chris Webber's assistant," Pamela observes in an interview with a transparent combination of admiration for the audacity and skepticism about the wisdom of Jen's approach.

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