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Flair, Care, And The Dirty Chair

The next day. Riverbank State Park, pre-game hour. Jen and Pamela are greeting a couple of guys on the basketball court, and Jen is happily pointing out that the court is actually finished and looks much better than it did the last time they visited. She interviews that she wanted to get her team all excited about the event, and wanted to give them "big chunks of responsibility that they could take over and own." Which is also great, because then, if anything goes wrong, it's not her fault -- a strategy that has worked well so far. She explains that Pam was put in charge of game logistics. Jen, on the other hand, is busying herself with corporate sponsors, particularly Genworth, whom she is still trying to please with the placement of their table in the entryway. She says, however, that she thinks the Genworth people were happy to return and find that since their last visit, when they weren't very impressed, she had made a lot of progress. George interviews that the Genworth folks, however, are still actually feeling pretty displeased with the state of affairs at the basketball game. And as we see, Genworth Lady tells George that she still feels like Jen hasn't offered anything or any ideas, but has more expected Genworth Lady to come up with her own ideas for Jen to execute. George sums it up with his usual no-bullshit attitude: "Jen should be telling them how she anticipates it to be running smoothly, not asking them, 'How do you want it to go?'" He says that with only two hours, left, there is a lot left that hasn't been done. I think of all the people on this show, I would be most mortified to be chastised by George. I would assume that Carolyn was just being mean because she thinks it's good for me, and Trump is a bowl of oatmeal, intelligence-wise, but George could really hurt my feelings.

Back to Polo Town. Elizabeth has her little black baseball cap now, and with her Cap of Destiny, she is loaded for bear and has decided to start whipping some folks into shape. Specifically, she is upset with Raj and John for leaving the broken sign from last night on the lawn next to the tent where the dinner will be held. Raj and John basically blow her off, insisting that they're going to leave the bent and broken sign where it is, and then they bail out in a golf cart and race off toward the clubhouse. Hilarious Knight Rider-style music plays as Elizabeth jumps into a golf cart of her own and speeds off after them. Damn, who knew this show would ever feature a car chase? It would have been great if Elizabeth had plowed into a flower shop or barely avoided hitting a lady with a baby in a stroller. I mean, there's nothing worse than half-assed camp, so why not? Elizabeth tells us that she wasn't going to let the boys "walk all over" her, so she just followed them to Kelly's office. She winds up standing on one side of a seated and horrified Kelly while Raj and John are on the other, and she declares that she's "not interested in being nice today." Quite the contrary, she says that today, she is "Dictator Elizabeth." Wow. Dirty. I know a lot of guys who would call a 1-800 number for that. Raj goes on to point out that she can take whatever style she wants, but that he doesn't have to listen to her, to which she (rather missing the point) declares that when she asks him to do something, he shouldn't argue with her. Kelly looks up at her, somewhat baffled.

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