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And now John -- who is basically irrelevant at this point -- gets himself on camera by saying that he wants to take up for Jen, who is being "thrown under a bus." And I guess that all it takes to be "thrown under a bus" these days is to see someone else scored higher than you are by a lot of people. Give me a fucking break. Jen talked a million times about being in it to win; if you're going to try to get a job on a reality show by way of a damn competition, it's not moral offense against you for you to lose, even decisively. I'll tell you something else -- John would never have gotten all "Oh, we're hurting her feeeeeelings" if Jen were a guy. Never, never, EVER. This is the kind of thing that is so sexist and patronizing, and John doesn't even know it. Jen's not made of sugar just because she's a woman. She can perfectly well hear people say they believe she was outperformed, which is what's being said, without bursting into tears. John goes so far as to say he's "impressed that she didn't get up and walk off," proving that his standard is that everyone should be assumed to be a crying, whiny baby until proven otherwise. Seriously, get up and leave? Because you're losing? Unbelievable. And, again, totally sexist and totally patronizing, because the same thing would never be suggested of a man in a hundred years. Men sit there all the time and get judged for their performance in a variety of ways, and people don't say, "Oh, how dare you make him sit through that!" Shut up, John, and don't do me any favors. Oh, and he calls her "a phenomenal girl." I don't have strict rules about who can call me a "girl" and who can't (except that it's okay for cute waiters), but I'll tell you this: If I could drink you under the table and argue you under the table and if I could do them sequentially in that order, then you may not. And I suspect that by that standard? Shut up some more, John.

Trump then turns his attention to Kevin and Sandy, praising them and stammering his way through a one of the shittiest introductions I have ever heard. He's seriously barely coherent at this point. Sandy says that, in her opinion, the competition has to be viewed "as a whole." She praises Kelly for his leadership, and his three times out as PM, and says she hopes that Trump "would want to hire a leader." What in gracious's name is Sandy wearing? She looks like she's playing a classical composer in an abstract disco video. Kevin throws in that Jen and Kelly are "both very qualified people," but reminds Trump that, for whatever it's worth, Kelly's record is a lot better. Kelly's 10-4, and Jen is 6-8. Not close. Believing that "the records speak for themselves," Kevin gives it to Kelly.

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