DNA, Heads, And The Undead Kitty

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Adieu, Connoisseur of Art and Water

Assorama checks her makeup some more, dabs herself, and returns to the Boardroom. Trump gets everyone seated. Trump asks Kwame what he wants to say. Kwame repeats that going with Meghan was a risk that didn't pay off, and he quite correctly says that if it had paid off, he'd look like a genius. Trump turns to Assorama. She snivels that she worked so hard yesterday, and she was the shining star, and she did all this stuff. Trump asks if she thinks that criticizing her for taking lunch was unfair, and she says yes, as he agrees with her that people do take time for lunch. But after all, he goes on to say, in this situation, they had a very limited timeline to work with. Heidi points out that her concern was that if you stop for a sit-down lunch on a busy day, it could take a very long time. Assorama says that if Heidi had "explained it that eloquently" at the time, there would have been no fight. Oh, WHAT a load of crap.

And now we move toward truly classic TV as Assorama sadly complains, in this very sad and very serious voice, that Heidi likes to "drop the f-bomb." Heidi looks at the ceiling and smiles, saying, "You gotta be kidding me." Trump asks Assorama, "The what-bomb?" "The f-bomb," Heidi says with exasperation. "What is the f-bomb?" Trump asks. "She curses," Assorama says self-importantly. We cut to Carolyn, who is sitting there kind of keeping it together, but who suddenly just busts out with the funniest and most endearing laugh, like she cannot believe they are arguing over the f-bomb. Clink! "That's excuses," Heidi says dismissively, and correctly, again. Asked if she thinks Assorama did a good job, Heidi says she did "okay." George asks her if "okay" means good or not good, and Heidi says it means "not good." Asked how she thinks Heidi did, Assorama says that she didn't think Heidi contributed anything. As these two great minds have apparently reached an impasse, Trump finally says "it's time."

First, he tells Heidi that she's kind of annoying people. Is she aware of that? She is. Then he tells Assorama that the competition, more than she thinks, is about "leadership and getting along with your team." He says Kwame did "a terrible job," but he sort of respects him for taking a risk, and he thinks Kwame has learned a lesson from it. "Besides," Trump says, "I've been known to take a few risks myself once in a while." He is not happy, however, about the "constant fighting" on the team, and he especially doesn't like the fact that Assorama and Heidi bitched about lunch when they had such a limited time to work with. He turns to Assorama. "[Assorama], go out and sell paintings, or whatever the hell you're doing. I don't like excuses. In this case, [Assorama] has to go. You're fired." She looks at him in this cold, dead way that's very reminiscent of Sam in its apparent potential for leading to a psychotic break. "Thanks for the opportunity to be here," she finally says. Heidi mutters something about trying to stop driving people nuts as she and Kwame get up to leave. As Assorama gets on the elevator, Trump says, "[Assorama] has a yooge chip on her shoulder. She felt that she was superior to the other people. [Shot of Assorama snottily waving to Robin, who waves back, like, 'Whatever.'] She's very smart, but I think her attitude was terrible." Clink!

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