DNA, Heads, And The Undead Kitty

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Adieu, Connoisseur of Art and Water

Katrina, this entire time, has a truly brilliant look on her face. It's the one you haven't seen since the prom, when that one girl found out that her boyfriend had given a tissue to this girl she hates who was crying, and she set her mouth about a half-inch open and jutted out her lower jaw. It is a look that says one thing, and one thing alone: "Oh. My. God." Complete with very pronounced pauses and, at the end, a very indignant application of lip gloss. Troy, on the other hand, happily greets the fellas. "Gentlemen!" he says. I think he really misses Ereka. Assorama gets in on the action, too, even managing to give Boyfriend Bill a hug. Now how is that justice? Katrina just sits in her little plastic chair, hating all the meanies and unable to cope. Katrina interviews that Assorama is probably happy that Ereka's gone, and it's just so unfair, because "[Assorama] should be the one gone, not Ereka." Even though, of course, Assorama's team didn't lose. But still! Anyway, there is more hugging in the suite. Katrina watches it all very coldly, with arms crossed. Heidi asks Boyfriend Bill how the whole thing was, and he calls it "not pleasant." He points out that Ereka wouldn't shake hands when it was all over. Kwame says, in exactly the right tone, "Ohh, that's not good." "That's bad," Troy puts in. And it is, of course, very bad. Katrina interviews -- and this interview is so sad that I can barely hear it over the sound of myself cackling -- that Ereka was someone she really liked. "I believed in what she stood for." Totally. You know what they say..."First, they came for the belly buttons"'s all about integrity, y'all. Without Ereka, Katrina says that it's all about the game and the job. Aw. I think she's lost her sense of purpose. I think it will take a very tiny skirt to help her find it again.

In one of the bedrooms, Katrina tells Bill and Nick that she begged and pleaded with Ereka to take her to the final table. Which I do not believe for a minute. What a load of hooey. If she had genuinely suggested that Ereka take her, that's what Ereka would have done. ["I'm willing to bet that Katrina did suggest it, once, Ereka nixed it because they were friends, and that was the end of that." -- Sars] Nick says, "If she would have taken you in, I would have been fired." Well, I think that if she would have taken Katrina, Katrina might have been fired, but I agree that Ereka might well have saved herself. Nick then has another beef to bring up: "I'm a little annoyed she didn't shake Bill's hand. Me? I don't care. But Bill's a nice guy." Hey, he said it, not me. Actually, I have to ask about one other detail. They're drinking Sam Adams, right? I hate to admit it, but I feel like I recognize those as bottles of Sam Adams, even though all you can ever see is the neck. I'm not sure the fact that I can pick that out can reasonably be filed under "Good News."

The next morning, the subways of New York continue taking people to their non-Trump-oriented jobs, because surprisingly enough, parts of New York still have practically nothing to do with him. I would also say that some drinking was done the night before, considering what looks to me like a demolished vodka bottle and a demolished cranberry juice bottle in the foreground as Kwame answers the silver phone. (In boxers! Every show needs a signature accessory, and I think Kwame's boxers should be nominated.) Robin tells Kwame that they need to meet Trump at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in one hour. As he hangs up, the camera caresses Kwame's thigh. I'm not endorsing it; I'm just reporting what was done.

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