DNA, Heads, And The Undead Kitty

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Adieu, Connoisseur of Art and Water

We move to the lovely Met, where Trump is waiting as the candidates approach. He tells them that the first thing they're going to do is even out the teams, so VersaCorp gets to pluck somebody. Their PM is Nick, so he'll be making the call. He chooses Amy, and she makes her big scrunchy happy face of getting away from Assorama and heads over toward VersaCorp. Trump, however, is not so impressed with the way they're all batting Amy back and forth like she's a ball of yarn and they've all had a little too much catnip. (I think I would have taken Troy, actually, on the merits, but it's obvious that Amy is the inevitable pick socially.) Trump says that he thinks the way they're treating Amy is giving her "a little too much power," and Boyfriend Bill nods as if perhaps picking Amy wouldn't have been his choice either. Trump says he would not have chosen Amy, and wonders aloud if they're all trying to tell him that he should just give her the job now. Katrina seethes, because now she is not only not the prettiest, she isn't even the coolest and she doesn't have any friends and the boys shipped in another girl and now how is she supposed to be special? I still feel really bad for her. HA HA HA! Just kidding. I actually don't. What really is awesome is that they cut back to Amy as Trump says he thinks it was a mistake to pick her, and you can actually see her gulp. She's totally unsure of what to make of this, and she does it very obviously: "[Gulp.]"

Now, on to the task. Trump says that behind him is "one of the great institutions of the world." That would be the museum, and not George or Carolyn, who are also behind him. He explains that the teams will be given a choice among a group of young artists to work with. They'll set up the person's work at a gallery, and whoever sells more, money-wise, will win the task. Oh, and George and Carolyn will be watching, so don't try anything funny. Not that the Met really inspires hijinks, so much. Trump points out that this task has an added level of difficulty, because art is so subjective. Unlike bottled water, which is either wet or not. Having delivered all of his available pearls of wisdom, Trump walks off.

Kwame voices over that he was nominated the previous night for PM, and he knew when he heard about the challenge that it would be tough because of the subjectivity factor. I have no idea why, by the way, but this was the week that the Kwame Hotness Factor came screaming out of my TV and throttled me by the neck. In this interview where he's got the jacket and the glasses and the...I mean, yipes. Just saying.

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