DNA, Heads, And The Undead Kitty

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Adieu, Connoisseur of Art and Water

After commercials, we return for the gallery evening. Three guys on motorcycles are seen driving around a corner, but I don't think they have anything to do with anything, unless they're part of Meghan's dark security forces, in which case I'd expect to see them dripping more blood. At VersaCorp, they're going over the plan. Bill and Amy are greeting and handling the food and beverage in the early part of the evening, and it seems like Nick and Katrina will be doing more of the sales. Bill interviews that the number of people who are actually going to lay down major money on art is limited to begin with. I am not in favor, by the way, of Bill's interview outfit, in that it includes jeans and black loafers with no socks. Yuck. I don't really get into the ankle porn, but thanks. As he and Nick wait outside the gallery, Nick starts to get nervous about the fact that no one's there, and Bill reassures him that the first hour is always slow. Nick asks if he should change his gray shirt for a black one. Heh. Boyfriend Bill tells him no, it doesn't matter. In an interview that I think is actually really old, Nick says that even when things are bad, the team leader has to always stay positive, lest you lose the troops.

At 7:30, Bill is working on a sale. He tells someone that among other things, the artist will hang and light the artwork for her if she buys it. He takes this nice woman around and shows her some of the work. He sells her a really nice one with a lot of blue in it that I have to say would look nifty in my living room. He shakes on the deal with the lady. Katrina interviews that once Bill made that first sale, she knew they were going to do great. She herself, of course, reverts to flirting with a guy in the gallery, twittering that he should buy her one of the paintings and so forth. If I hadn't seen her crank the twitter on so many occasions before, it might be a little easier to forgive I this one. (And yes, "Crank the Twitter" would make an excellent band name, a fine British sitcom, or a useful addition to any woman's vocabulary.) Nick and Amy are also working over various potential customers. Nick and Andrei are obviously very upbeat about how the evening is going. In that same old interview, Nick says that he thinks the whole competition isn't about marketing or background or whatever, it's about "leading people." It's a nice thought. And wrong. The thing is that Nick is a pretty good leader, but he's a terrible follower, so unless you want to start him at the very top of your organization, he's just a bad bet, in my opinion.

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