Down To The Wire, Part I

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Goodbye, young lovers

At the Taj Mahal, Team Kwame sits down for dinner with Joe Simpson, Jessica's father. Heidi claims to be excited about the show. Assorama leaves the table as Joe and the rest of Team Kwame discuss the fact that Jessica is expected around 11:30 to midnight. Assorama says that in the office, she "received a frantic call from Diane." So again, the only way Assorama is a plant is if they haven't told Diane. Which...I'm just not believing. Anyway, Assorama learns on the phone that Jessica is missing. Her driver is there, and she's not there, and there's no luggage. She calls Kwame at the table, where he's eating with Joe and the rest. She informs Kwame about what's happened, and she asks Kwame to "report to the office" (um, he's your boss, dear) so that they can work on finding her. Kwame interviews that he thinks it's very important to "project confidence" and show some "composure" in dealing with issues like this. "Never let 'em see you sweat," he says in an interview. Not sweating is one thing, Kwame. Not kicking ass when there's ass that needs kicking is something else. He and Troy do leave to go speak to Assorama, who tells them that the logistics are all "sloppy." Kwame interviews that he would never hire Assorama in the real world, because it was her job to take care of the transportation, and he assumed she could do it -- wrongly, as it turns out. Kwame tells Assorama in the office that he needs to know where they are and what she needs next, because he can't leave Jessica's dad and manager sitting at the table all night. Troy offers to stay and "help" (that is, baby-sit Assorama) so that Kwame can go back to dinner. Assorama interviews that Kwame "was not hands-on, and it turned out to be a huge, huge disaster." She and Troy sit in the office and make calls trying to track down Jessica. "How do you lose a rock star?" she wonders aloud. Um. When it's Jessica Simpson? By allowing her leash to become unclipped, I suspect.

Next week: the finale. No, really. And then it will be over. So you'd better get ready to start firing your friends for entertainment.

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