Down To The Wire, Part I

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Goodbye, young lovers

Nick is laying it on thick with Tom, claiming to be "well-spoken [and] smart" and to "[have] an effect on people that's positive." Someday, I would be very interested in meeting the Nick Nick sees when he looks in the mirror, because he seems like a really different guy from the Nick I see when I look at the television. Tom asks Nick what he has to offer other than charisma, which is a little like asking Stone Phillips what she has to offer other than raw animal magnetism. Nick interviews at this point that the questions were difficult, and he didn't know whether everybody would be able to "handle it." Not everybody! But Nick can handle it! Meanwhile, Allen asks Nick what he would do on his first day. Nick says he'd introduce himself and "present a vision for the organization." Allen is kind of surprised that Nick would lay out his vision before he even had a day of experience. Heh.

Tom says to Bill, "You're getting by on your instincts. You're sure as hell not getting by on your education." Bill stops Tom and says that he's very proud of his education. I almost think that question was kind of a test, because it was so rude that I think he almost wanted to know how Bill would handle something that might make a lot of people feel defensive. I think he came off pretty well -- firm, but not particularly bitchy. Elsewhere, Norma asks Amy if she'd have a problem hiring women, and Amy says, "Not at all." Amy just wants lots of friends! And everyone loves her! And when she steals your boyfriend, you don't even mind! Amy is so awesome! Charlie, meanwhile, talks to Nick about needing to learn on his own. Allen talks about obligations to family and car loans. Tom talks to Bill about the problems he would face as the new "hot shot." In a nicely cut sequence, the interviews speed up and the shots speed up, and you get a very good, tense, interview-y feel as the candidates squirm under the gaze of the Horsemen. "Thank you for your time," Allen finally says, and it's over.

Bill interviews, after the grilling is over, that the questions were tough, and that the Horsemen would have eaten you alive if you were unprepared or not able to handle the pressure. Back in S4, Amy tells him that she knew she wasn't making any sense during part of the interview. "Hopefully, it's the quality of how I deliver it, and not what I say." And then she laughs, because she thinks she's sort of kidding. Which she isn't. Amy tells the camera in a street interview that she's not sure she really did all that well, and she's not feeling confident the way she has before. Yeah. The time she's been to the Boardroom, which was with obvious sitting duck Katrina. This is quite the change of pace from that old tiresome pattern, I suppose. Amy says that the outcome just "depends on what skill set" they want. If they want the giggling skill, for instance, she's got that one. Or the skill of short-skirt-wearing. Or, of course, if they want everyone to have crushes on her. Because she can do that, too. Just ask her.

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