Down To The Wire, Part I

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Goodbye, young lovers

Inside, Trump assures them that firing any of them at this point is "tough." Nevertheless, you can't be the big boss if you're not willing to throw worthwhile people out of work, so two are about to be fired. Trump asks whether Nick thinks Kwame is good. "He's good," Nick says. "He's a Harvard guy." Trump starts to elaborate on what he means by this, and George tries to jump in and help him explain it, and Trump's all, "George, George, let me finish." Hey, ease up on George, there, Trump. George is a legend. You can be replaced by Richard Branson, if necessary. You're not the only mogul with stupid hair. "Do you think Kwame is good at leading?" Trump asks Nick. Nick opines that Kwame needs to work on his leadership. Now, Trump asks Kwame about Nick. Kwame says that he wouldn't be crazy about working for Nick, and while he thinks Nick is good, he doesn't think he's great. Now, Trump asks Bill who he would get rid of if he were only getting rid of one person. "At this point," Bill says, finally answering a question like this straightforwardly, "I would get rid of Nick." Bam! Bill goes on to say that while Nick has experience "in a sales capacity," he doesn't have broad, diverse experience. Nick objects to this, but Trump points out that everyone says this same thing -- great sales guy, not much more.

Trump turns to Amy. Who would she get rid of? Well, she would get rid of Nick, she says easily. Trump has a little fun at her expense, telling her, "You're very cold. You're a cold-hearted person." Bill and Kwame laugh, and Kwame covers his eyes. Now, while it's true that Trump probably would have made a different comment in terms of the wording if Amy had been a guy, it's also true that when Troy brought Kwame to the Boardroom, Trump told Kwame, "Your best friend just screwed you." So this is not the first time that Trump has hassled people for Boardroom decisions made at the expense of someone they were supposed to have a personal friendship with. It's also true that Amy's insistence on using the teenage construct that Nick "has a crush on her" has been a major contributor to Trump's stupid fascination with this story, so she has no one but herself to blame. Amy just sits there miserably, taking this in.

Nick makes one last stand in his own defense. "I ask you to look at this specifically," he says. "Why is Trump Trump?" He argues that people come to work every day for Trump because of his personal ability to inspire people, and Nick -- contrary to all indications -- thinks that he has that same ability. I think in the future, Nick's presentation of himself needs a little more "show" and a little less "tell." ["And a little less Nick. Heh." -- Sars] Trump returns to the fact that opinion seems to be unanimous that Nick is a good salesman, but not really a leader. He says that it's important to command people's respect in order to run a business like this, and it just doesn't seem like Nick commands that kind of respect. "Unfortunately, I have to're fired." Nick pretty graciously thanks everyone in the room for the opportunity, and he gets up to go. "You really are outstanding," Trump says to him. "That you are," Carolyn agrees. As Nick heads downstairs to the taxi, he says that at his particular age, he doesn't have the same kind of experience that the other three have, and he seems to think that was the deciding factor, as opposed to his grating personality and lack of substance, which seemed to be what set the Horseteeth on edge. He says he's excited to have done it, and he did his best. He has no regrets, and so forth. "Sooner or later, it's all going to happen," he says. Because destiny has preordained it, after all. In a cave somewhere in Egypt, there is a hieroglyphic of a guy with red hair selling a copier while being slowly lifted to heaven.

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