Down To The Wire, Part II

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Trump repeats, returning to this point, that the team felt like he got flustered. Bill snorts it off. He insists that he operates in high-stress environments all the time. Flustered? It is to laugh! "I'm a perfectionist," he says. "Do you think you're better than Kwame?" Trump asks him, which I hate, because such a stupid question, and you really don't want to hire anybody who would answer it rather than calling it a stupid question. Bill says he has "different skills," but when he starts to explain what they are, Trump returns to, "Do you think you're better than Kwame?" Bill says that he thinks he'll be better for this particular job, yes. He cites his experience and the fact that he's proved himself already with his own business. He also says he has "desire," and says he's shown that off quite a bit as well. Trump also says Bill has a good track record, and Bill says yes, that's correct. Kwame counters that Bill's track record is only a couple of wins better than his, but Trump points out that in this context, that's a big difference.

Trump asks Kwame whether he thinks that over a thirty-year period, he'll be more successful than Bill. "I think it's gonna be neck and neck," Kwame says diplomatically. Asked the same question, Bill says he thinks he has a leg up, as a result of his experience and the fact that he has "entrepreneurial blood." Fortunately, he does say it's in his veins, as opposed to in the other locations where he might be keeping it, if you see what I'm saying. Bill compliments Kwame for working so hard to get this awesome education, but he maintains that having gone out on his own and started his own enterprise should count for more. Trump asks Kwame whether he thinks he'd do a better job for Trump than Bill would, and Kwame says yes. There is some more back and forth, culminating in Trump mentioning again what a great job Kwame gave up to be here. "I think you're both very outstanding; I have a very, very tough choice," Trump says. "Get the hell out of here." He tosses them into the lobby. It's not every guy who could combine "you're outstanding" and "get the hell out" in the same command. That never works when I'm trying to get someone to leave my office.

Out in the lobby, Bill and Kwame shake hands. They sit together on the yellow couch, and agree that they could use a little water. Heh. They agree that it went well, and that there are "no hard feelings." They shake hands again. Certainly is a lot of hand-shaking on this show.

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