Down To The Wire, Part II

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He's just a Bill

Trump tells Bill that he'll have a couple of minutes to think about it during the commercials. And after the commercials, we'll find out which job Bill is taking, and we'll also find out (again) about Nick, Amy, Sam, Assorama, and so forth. This brings out the rest of the candidates, all of whom are angling to suck up to Bill -- even Assorama, yuck. There is much sucking up as we go to commercial.

After the break, Trump recaps the options Bill has just been given for the big job. There is the skyscraper, and there is the golf course. Which will it be, Boyfriend Bill? Bill says that while California has great weather and the golf course would be great, Chicago is home and it's his favorite place to be, so he's taking the tower. "Don't worry," Trump says, "You're going to have plenty of supervision on that building. I don't care if you're president or not." Heh. It's so hard on a reality show when the truth oozes out. Trump tells Bill, however, that it's a great choice. He then looks at his new chosen guy, sitting with the rest of the contestants, and says, "What are you doing over there? I fired all those people. Get over here." Bill picks up his chair and goes to sit at the faux Boardroom table with Trump, Carolyn, and George. He is warmly applauded, including by Kwame, who has more class than anyone, ever, as far as I'm concerned. Job or no job, he's the bomb. Trump asks Bill how he feels, and Bill says it's a great place to be sitting right now, no question. Trump tells him it wasn't an easy decision, and takes the opportunity to go on about how much he digs Kwame. "That man right there is some man," he says. Everyone applauds, because everyone knows this is true. Trump congratulates Kwame, and seems to come as close as he can to saying it was practically a coin flip without actually saying so. Not surprising.

Trump now moves to the group of candidates to talk to them. He goes directly to Assorama, and calls her out for lying, and having gotten "caught on tape this time." Hee, "this time." How does she explain that? She has a cute line all planned, though, and she is determined to use it before she starts instead of answering the question. So she says something about all this firing her and rehiring her, and she laughs, and nobody else laughs, and Trump is already bored with her and thinks that if she doesn't want to answer the question he asked her, she can fuck right off, so he moves on to the next person, which I found utterly hilarious and which catches her completely unprepared. She totally thinks she's going to go back now and explain the lying, and there is just no opportunity. HA! Also, the audience openly cheers when he tells her, basically, to shut up because her turn is over.

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