Down To The Wire, Part II

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Bill goes to talk to the team, and as he voices over that he wants to "stay calm," we see him say tightly to Amy that he's still very concerned about the missing Marquis Jet sign. Doing great on the calm-staying so far, obviously. He and Amy do some more poking around in the office, looking for it. As Bill calls someone to double-check on whether they've turned it up, Amy keeps looking. Bill tells whoever it is on the phone that Marquis Jet is a fairly significant sponsor, and it's not going to be good at all if they lose the sign. Amy interviews that they actually had several signs missing initially, and that this was "stressful" because they actually had contractual obligations to display those signs for the sponsors who had given money, and it wasn't going to go over well if they didn't have the signs available. We gaze at a guy mowing the course while it's still cold enough to see his breath, and Bill interviews that it was crucial to maintain good relationships with the sponsors. We're back, by the way, to the no-socks interview that I was hating on last week. I may not like Boyfriend Bill's naked ankles, but obviously, somebody does. We then see Bill (but not the naked ankles) in yet another guy's office, looking for the sign and telling the guy to let him know if he sees it. The guy looks like it's not outside the realm of possibility that he will take a swing at Bill if Bill doesn't shut up about the damn sign.

We move to a bit later in the morning, as people are beginning to arrive. Bill is outside milling around, and he voices over that as they were still looking for the sign, the Marquis Jet guys showed up. He explains to them outside that there's a frost delay, and they should just go have some coffee and donuts. He does not say, "Give me just a minute here, because I am frantically looking for your sign." Probably wise. Bill then finds another guy and goes with him to look in a new office for the missing sign. There, again, he has no luck. After he and the guy get through pawing through some packages and finding that the sign isn't there, Bill says, "I'm going to take a run down to the dumpster just if there's some weird chance that it got thrown out." And indeed, Bill does run to the dumpster. And what does he find down by the dumpster? The Marquis Jet sign, still in its cardboard sleeve. "Sweet Ginger Brown [sic]," he says as he pulls it from its box, apparently combining the Spice Girls with the Harlem Globetrotters to come up with his personal patron saint of lost promotional materials. He mutters under his breath that he has no idea how the sign got to the dumpster. I suspect Assorama, or someone she hired to spread the misery. Amy, however, interviews that she thinks that because they had the office so filled with debris, they were trying to get it cleaned and thought the box was just trash. It's not as implausible as it sounds, because the sign is just foam core, and foam core inside a cardboard box doesn't feel that much different from nothing inside a cardboard box.

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