Down To The Wire, Part II

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At any rate, Boyfriend Bill shows off the sign for the Marquis Jet guys, and interviews about the miracle of finding the sign when there were probably thirty seconds before the guys figured out that something was amiss. Heh.

Taj Mahal, morning. Kwame and Troy are waiting for a meeting with two representatives of Operation Smile, which is a very nice charity, but quite honestly has one of those names that makes you want to punch someone. It's not that the name isn't relevant to the charity, either -- it's a charity for kids with cleft palates, and it provides them with the opportunity to have life-changing surgery. Get it? Smile? So...yes, I'm a very bad person, and yay, life-changing surgery, and yay for good charities, but...I still kind of want to punch someone. Not a needy child or anything, you know. Just someone. Troy and Kwame sit in on a meeting in which the charity provides a lot of information about their work, much of which is probably not completely necessary given the incredibly short timeline and the fact that they are more Jessica-wranglers than promoters of the charity, since the tickets that will benefit the charity have presumably already been sold. There's probably no tactful way to say, however, "I don't really care about your good works, because I have to make sure Jessica Simpson isn't upstairs inadvertently spraying her hair with Raid or something." Kwame tells us that he got up at 6:30 after going to bed at 2:00, so he's not running on very much sleep.

The first big event this morning is a 10:00 breakfast with Operation Smile. Unfortunately, when all the parties -- including Jessica, the Operation Smile folks, and Secondary NotGeorge -- file in for breakfast, there is nothing to eat, which does have a tendency to detract from the "breakfast" aspect. Without the food, it's really just "meeting before anyone's had coffee." Kwame interviews that Assorama was originally going to be in charge of the breakfast, but she begged off on the theory that she already had entirely too many things she was in charge of mishandling and she could not possibly mishandle anything else, so he put Troy in charge. Unfortunately, in the shuffle, nobody actually told the food preparation people that the breakfast was at 10:00, so they have nothing ready. Secondary NotGeorge is extremely unhappy about this turn of events, and tells Kwame that it's frankly embarrassing to be without pancakes for Jessica. (Or celery sticks, or Louis Vuitton cereal, or whatever she has for breakfast.) Assorama smugly interviews that Troy failed to "follow up" on the catering as he should have. She also complains, as we see her pull Kwame away from an agitated NotGeorge for a chat, that Kwame is being too laid-back and needs to be "more intense." Meanwhile, the head of catering tells Secondary NotGeorge that he in fact had no contact with Troy whatsoever. Secondary NotGeorge complains in an interview that apparently, the team believed that the food would all be sitting there at 10:00, even though they hadn't told anyone it was at 10:00. Hmm. I doubt it was quite that idiotic, but obviously, there was a breakdown in communications somewhere. Otherwise, Jessica would currently be eating French toast, which she would think had just arrived via airmail.

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