Down To The Wire, Part II

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Secondary NotGeorge pulls Kwame aside and gives him a stern talking-to about how embarrassing it is when an extremely dumb celebrity's breakfast isn't ready. He also tells Kwame that no matter whether you've passed a responsibility to another person on the team or not -- when it comes down to it, it's your team and you're on the hook for making sure everything gets done. "Kwame's team killed him," Secondary NotGeorge interviews bluntly. He also says that Kwame appears to be "cracking" under the pressure. We walk with Kwame as he goes to meet with Troy and Heidi in the suite. They ask how breakfast went, and he breaks the news that it went not so well, actually. Troy insists that he did tell people the time for the breakfast, and Kwame interviews that once Troy told him that the work had indeed been done to prepare and make sure the breakfast was ready, there wasn't much else he could do in the situation. He says that he can't go back and double-check with catering guy that they did it, which I think isn't the case. He can exactly do that, and in this case, he should have done that. Kwame calls this "micromanaging," and repeats that it just isn't his thing. I'm not sure I know where Kwame draws the line between "micromanaging" and "managing."

Briarcliff. Bill chats with Lesley, telling her that he understands the delay to still be putting them off until about 10:30. She interviews with a slightly unseemly level of satisfaction that indeed, the delay will throw a wrench into Bill's carefully laid plans. She asks Bill whether he knows anything about Trump's arrival, and Bill assures her that they've got everything all ready for him, even though they don't know precisely when he's expected. "Be aware of his arrival," Lesley lectures, talking to Bill in exactly the patronizing, obnoxious way I suspect she was last week when Bill complained that she was treating him like an idiot. "Absolutely," he says pleasantly. We rise up to the sound of a swelling choir as Trump's car ceremoniously pulls up in the driveway. Because on this show, when you hear the angels singing, you know that a tacky billionaire approaches.

Donald emerges, wearing khakis, a yellow sweater, and a black baseball cap. Not very appealing, that ensemble. Indeed, his bag and all his stuff are immediately pulled up beside him, just as Bill said they would be, and Trump takes them. Bill, meanwhile, is tearing into the office, telling Amy and Katrina that there's nobody at the gift table, and there needs to be, because it looks horrible. They mostly ignore him, because he's freaking out, and they've obviously started to tune out the most freak-out-like moments. Outside, Trump makes his strange, lumbering way across the golf course toward the hospitality tent. He shakes some hands and so forth. Elsewhere, Bill walkie-talkies Katrina and asks her where she is, because he's right by the gift table, and has noticed that she isn't so much right by the gift table, which is where he asked her to be. Then he calls Nick and asks for an update on the frost delay. I suspect Nick's answer is, "Yeah, still all frosty," or something equally helpful.

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