Down To The Wire, Part II

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Kwame interviews that in case you didn't get it from that little moment, Heidi makes a much bigger deal out of things than she needs to. He points out that "she creates stressful situations" even where stress is not required or called for. He reassures her back in the meeting that indeed, she is in control and Troy is the "co-pilot." She sulks bitchily anyway, but he leaves, because honestly, what else is he going to do? He doesn't need an executive vice president in charge of bitchy sulking, but that's what he's got.

Briarcliff. Boyfriend Bill charges into the office, where Lesley is surveying what's left of the stuff that was stored in the offices. He assures her that all of the furniture is going to be put back where it belongs, and not to worry. "I'd like that done as soon as possible," she snots, and turns away from him, as he says, "That's -- that's high on my priority list." The minute Lesley walks away, Bill gets Katrina on the walkie-talkie to address the office clutter situation. He then interviews that this kind of high-pressure situation is actually the setting in which he really feels like he thrives. He talks about his on-the-run style, and says that some people don't like it. "But to me, that's the only way to do it," he says. He tells Katrina that cleaning out Lesley's office really needs to get done. Katrina wants to know where the stuff is going to go, and Bill tells her that it doesn't matter; they just need to get the stuff out of Lesley's hair -- they can stick it under the table if necessary. He bolts back into the office, as Katrina tells Amy that this whole hyped-up thing is what she thinks Bill needs to, you know, stop doing. She interviews that when she's asked to get something done, she does it, and she doesn't want to be asked multiple times. It doesn't sound like that was the first time he'd asked her about cleaning out the office, so I'm not sure she has much of a leg to stand on, but there you go at any rate.

Lesley now says in an interview that Bill was in and out of the clubhouse too many times, and she doesn't think it looks good for the manager of an event like this to be running around so much. Eh. It strikes me that if she's going to be self-involved enough to grouse about the boxes in her office while the tournament is right in the middle of being conducted, she needs to understand that's going to make him run around like the little windup toy he is at this point. Elsewhere, Bill meets up with Amy, who assures him that everything's fine. Pairings? Done. Everybody's done? Done. All the athletes are...? Amy just stares at him. Finally getting her point, he puts his hand on her shoulder and grins. "You know what I'm about to say," she says calmly. "I've gotta ask," he laughs. She reminds him in her kindergarten teacher voice that they had an agreement that he was only going to ask her stuff once. Hee. Amy now interviews that Trump's business is all about stressful situations, and she's troubled at how frazzled Boyfriend Bill has been getting about this. As Katrina and Amy stroll at the golf tournament, they both talk about how they would never double-check things this many times if they were just checking with each other. Well, of course they wouldn't. They would just talk about each other in secret -- in Katrina's case, throwing in a few scandalous rumors about Amy in the process. Amy interviews that she thinks Bill won't win, which makes her "sad." Because Amy really, truly cares.

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