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Being Secretly Gay Doesn't Pay

Eric shows up to check on Octane. He's glad to see Brandy took the initiative to put themselves in the ad when the models didn't show up, but he thinks it's a risk to spend this much time in hair and makeup when an ad has to be made. He also thinks their concept is a little risky, so they have to be careful not to go too far. Back at Fortitude, David's boyfriend is photographed, and she and Stephanie are both in love with him. David squees: "God, he's good, though, isn't he?" Poppy thinks the model's neck is too small since the shirt doesn't fit him. David doesn't care, though, because he might go gay for this model. He actually says that if he didn't have all these kids, that's what he'd do. His poor ex-wife.

Octane. Brandy and Steuart are shooting their ad. Brandy swears she's really conservative -- she didn't even shave her legs! And is wearing granny panties! -- so it's hard for her to try to make sultry faces at Steuart. Fortitude. Anand and Poppy went to Trump bar to shoot photos that can integrate the Trump brand into their shoot. When they come back without food, David is clearly annoyed. He swears this is the only thing he asked them to do. Don shows up, and can't believe it's past 5 p.m. and the models haven't had lunch yet. David yells at Poppy and Anand about the food while Don's there, and then the food shows up. Anand asks David what they should do now, and he says, "I want you to entertain the models." Don watches as David treats Poppy and Anand like children, telling them where to stand, who to talk to, when to jump, and how high.

Octane's looking through their photos, which Liza thinks went too far, but no one else seems to. Fortitude's choosing theirs too. They're making the fourth page in the shape of a T, to get more Trump branding in there. As they're looking at the bar scene, Anand offers input and advice, so David tells him to go away. He interviews later that he was "enjoying the pictures for the first time." He is such a baby. He swears to the lady helping them with photos that he hates that fucking sack of shit. She looks very uncomfortable. Anand thinks it's time for David to go. He says Trump's not in the habit of rehabbing lost causes, which is what David is.

Octane prepares their presentation in a conference room. Clint explains how important this presentation is, since it's Trump's baby. Now it's presentation time. Brandy speaks, since she had been singled out by Trump as a good speaker in the first. But she says she was nervous this time, and could hear her voice shaking. She does stumble a few times as she shows them their sexy ad, which includes the bedroom scene and another scene or two of sexiness. Brandy knows she's the one to blame if they lose, and she's really not ready to leave.

Fortitude presents next. David does the speaking, and he says a lot of "you know" and just makes it up as he goes along, giving far too much detail about the black and white and color, as if they can't see what they're looking at. In closing, he sincerely thanks them for letting them work with a great product and a great company like Macy's. Terry and another judge from Macy's discuss the presentations: He thinks Octane's ads demonstrated the points they tried to make about the brand. She thinks the first page with Brandy on the bed goes too far for a family store like Macy's, and she felt Brandy flubbed a few lines, referring to the clothing line as the "Trump Signature Collection" instead of the "Donald J. Trump Signature Collection." As for Fortitude: They loved David's presentation. And they loved their concept, with the black and white, but were unhappy that the clothing didn't fit the models. They liked the T design, but didn't like having such small clothing shots there with no detail. Now they have to make a tough decision.

Boardroom time. Trumplets are waiting when the teams file in. Then Trump joins them. He asks Brandy how she was as project manager. She thinks their ad is great, and he asks if she thinks she looks beautiful in the ad. She says it was uncomfortable, but they thought that putting the Trump shirt on a woman would capture the sexuality of the Trump brand. Trump asks Liza what she thinks of Brandy, and she says Brandy did an amazing job and she had no doubt she'd be a great leader. Trump asks Clint if he missed David. Clint: "I think we've got a great team now, sir." Trump asks if the team's better with or without David, and Clint says the ladies have helped their team immensely. Trump asks if Steuart was a good model, and Clint says he embodied the Trump attributes of wealth, power, and sexual prowess. Trump says that last one is the most important because, without that, it all doesn't matter. Dude, your kids are in the room!

Trump moves on to David and asks what he likes about what they did. David likes everything they did. Trump then notices they're all wearing Trump suits (which is why Stephanie was wearing a man's suit). Trump asks what Stephanie thinks of David, and she says she was unsure coming in, but he's a definite personality and eccentric, but she enjoyed meshing with the men. Trump asks who was the weakest player, and David says that's tough, because he did 95 percent of this task himself, but if he had to, he'd say Poppy had the least involvement. Trump asks if that's because of David or Poppy. David says there was some miscommunication when he delegated a job to Anand and Poppy. Then he calls her Puppy and says she just followed Anand around on whatever tasks they were given. Poppy says David talked to her and spoke to her in a very demeaning way. She tells Trump about him telling her to entertain the models, though she also makes sure that Trump knows the last page of the ad was her creation. Trump asks David what he means by "entertain the models." He asks who gives a crap about them, since they're getting paid and don't need to be entertained. David says that he picked the models himself, blah, blah, blah. Trump cuts him off to talk to Anand and ask him what's true. Anand says that David picked one model, and it was very homoerotic. David thinks that's very surprising to hear, so Trump asks what it means. Anand talks about David's mancrush, and Trump asks him if he's gay. To his credit, he does add, "Who cares?" And says he knows guys who were married for twenty years who left with a guy. "I mean, they liked a guy, so, you know." Trump asks if David's sure he doesn't want to come out. Which is our suspenseful moment to go to commercial. AS IF ANYONE CARES IF DAVID'S GAY. We know all we need to about him: He's a douchebag. Gay or straight, that doesn't change.

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