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Being Secretly Gay Doesn't Pay

After commercial, David says he's 100 percent sure he's not coming out. Anand says, not that there's anything wrong with it, but he's not saying David's gay. Trump agrees. David laughs and says he's not gay, dammit, but the model was fantastic. "I mean, you look at his picture ... he's the man." Don: "That sounds pretty gay." Hee. Everyone laughs. Wow. The boardroom is almost lighthearted without Mahsa. I like this. But now it's time to look at the ads, so the teams exchange them. Liza doesn't think the people in David's ad look like up-and-coming professionals. David does not like the sexual ad at all, and Stephanie says they discussed doing that but said no.

Trump asks Poppy which ad she likes better. She says she likes the product placement in the other ad, but their last page sets their ad apart because they show everything. Trump asks Clint how he feels about the other ad. Clint likes theirs better. Trump asks if he minds that the shirt is about nine sizes too big for the model David's so in love with. Trump says they make shirts in all different sizes, so why would they pick one that's too big. Poppy says that if she and Anand were permitted more jurisdiction they wouldn't have chosen models with such small necks (and, do remember that David said Poppy and Anand would be in charge of models). Don asks if Poppy ever protested the model to David, and she and Anand say that she did. David starts to glower into his Hulk face.

Trump moves on to Brandy. He says she has seemed pretty prudish until now, so how did she feel about that ad, which was pretty risqué. She says that their models didn't show up, so if she hadn't made the decision for them to be in the ad, they wouldn't have made their deadlines. Trump asks if she's having an affair with Steuart. Brandy laughs, and says no. Trump asks if she'd like to, and she astutely says, "No, I would not, sir. I like older men, sir." Trump says that was a smart answer, and Don laughs, "You're hired." Trump jokes: "Brandy, you go ahead back to the suite." But the laughter's about to end, because it's time to find out who won. Trump asks David if he thinks they won, and David says he still does. Trump says he didn't win, and Terry liked Brandy's ad, and is going to use it in a Macy's campaign. Trump tells Brandy she'll get to meet with Terry as her reward. He sends them back to the suite to watch the fighting on television. The new Octane walks out arm in arm. Trump tells Fortitude that someone will be fired. In case they've forgotten what show they're on.

When they're alone, Trump tells David he was disappointed in his ad, and thought the worst thing was the shirt not fitting. David says that when you create something "and run it cradle to grave" (as if he's worked on this for longer than a day), you take ownership and stand by it. He says he has to absorb all of the criticism, which is all his. Trump asks why Poppy didn't choose a different model since she wanted to do that. She says David was extremely firm, and it was more like a dictatorship than a leadership. Trump says that's okay since he's project manager, but sometimes he has to listen to other people. Way to contradict yourself there, Trump Signature. David says there was never a suggestion of a different model, and Stephanie fully supported him, in fact. Back in the suite, Steuart mutters about David to the amusement of a flirtatious Liza.

Stephanie agrees she liked that model, who she thought would fit in the shirts since he was so tall. Trump tells Poppy that Terry didn't like the last page, which she was so proud of, so why shouldn't he fire her? She says what she was proud about is that they discussed the product and what it's about. She says the photos she and Anand took had more product in them, but David chose these photos. David says he chose no photos for that page, and Stephanie agrees that was Poppy and Anand. Trump asks if Stephanie could see him firing Poppy, but she says not in this case, "unfortunately." She says David had a great vision, but he made the decisions here. Trump asks what she means by unfortunately, and she says she meant it was unfortunate for David. Trump asks Anand who he should fire, and Anand says David. He explains how they brought the photos back from the bar shoot and David wouldn't let him sit down with him and give input on the photos. Anand's unhappy with the bar photo they chose, which doesn't have vodka and has only two models and two ties. Don criticizes Poppy's last page. Then Trump asks David who gets to go back to the suite. David chooses Anand. Trump's surprised, but David says that Stephanie was his wingman and supporter through the whole thing, telling him how great it was, so her saying Trump should fire David not Poppy, who he says did nothing, is ridiculous. Anand leaves.

Trump asks if the case can be made that he should fire Stephanie. Stephanie doesn't think so, and Poppy honestly believes David is the person to be fired. Trump tells David that he's taking a big risk as project manager, because they so often get fired when they lose. David says that if his first three pages were good and the last one was the killer, which was Poppy's and he had no creative input on-- Trump cuts him off and reminds him that he could do away with the last page if he didn't like it, as project manager. Trump spares us much more drama, and fires David. David gets teary and tells Trump and the Trumplets that he appreciates the time here and had the time of his life. Stephanie tells him it was a pleasure working with him. Trump tells him he's done himself proud. Uh, do they remember David?! Then Trump adds, "Now get the hell out of here." Okay, that's more like it. Don looks weirdly sad as David leaves. Hugs all around in the lobby, then David acts jovial with the elevator operator. Trump tells the Trumplets they had no choice.

Taxicab confession: David even admits that Trump had no other option than to fire him, since he took ownership of it. He says it's all woulda, coulda, shoulda and he did it his way and is fired. Then we get his "Next step," where he talks about nothing, actually. No, really, I don't know. He talks about Trump being awesome and how he's started a company and controls his own destiny. But there's no clarity or explanation about what he's doing. Which means: still unemployed.

Next week: They're all called back to the boardroom to hear some disturbing news from Trump. Before their task even starts, someone's cheating by sending texts to people to ask them to show up and give money, pretending they don't know said person. Everyone looks shocked and a little guilty. Announcer guy asks us who the cheater is. Trump turns far to his left to say, "You're fired," which is where Clint is sitting, so it looks like it's him. Liza's next to him, so it could also be her, but my money's on Clint.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, is excited at the prospect of two firings next week. You can contact her at

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