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Lesson Four: Don't Use Your Words

Any phrase beginning with "My man Sean" will not end well. Sean calls Kinetic on their "limited marketing strategy" and the fact that they needed to push harder at POS. Agreed. They earned $313.54. Arrow's Chicken Tortillla Bowl earned -- thanks to Arrow's enormous spirit, great job running the restaurant, and "selling their hearts out," including their offsite sales to 22 people -- $418 and change, I think. Heidi's edited to look impressed at the 22-count bulk sale, by the way, in case you were wondering whether this show is bullshit. The totals cause Heidi and Muna to go into deep depression, and of course Arrow climbs all over each other like ferrets. Marisa nods sadly and thinks about chicken suits and the word bravado. Trump congratulates them on the end of their "long struggle," and calls Surya -- incorrectly on both -- either Arrow's "very talented" or "very lucky" charm.


1) Greater or Lesser: 37 or 22? (37: Kinetic did 15 units better on bulk sales.)
2) $418 divided by $5.40? (77: Arrow sold 77 bowls.)
3) $314 divided by (assuming no price difference) $5.40? (58: Kinetic sold 58 bowls, and therefore lost by 19 units.)
4) 37 times $5.40? ($200: Kinetic did $200 in bulk sales, but lost by $105.)
5) 22 times $5.40? ($119: Arrow did $119 in bulk sales -- $81 less than Kinetic -- but still won by $105.)

Which means that Kinetic lost on POS, which is primarily a marketing issue but also comes out of in-store sales. To what degree, who can say, but this is obviously a marketing failure, because they didn't have the foot traffic. And while Heidi was right to ignore Marisa, she shouldn't have slagged off Marisa by bumping her to marketing in the first place, because this was a marketing task. You send the best, not the worst, and this is a case where Heidi did it just because she doesn't like Marisa. We don't know enough about the members of the Hive Mind to know who's strongest with marketing, or face sales for that matter, although I'm guessing there are more creative types on the team than two of the lawyers, but in any case it all comes back to Heidi: bad product, no marketing we can see, and the crucial misuse of two members of the team, one of whom is clearly going to be obstructive no matter where you stick her. This is you getting shot in the foot with your own pettiness; I've said it before and I'll say it again. You have a teammate who's not good in the position you've put her in? You are the manager. It's your entire job to put her somewhere she can work better, and in Marisa's case that means keeping her close, so she feels like she's contributing, and it also means not benching her by putting her on the key part of the task, and finally it means: figuring out what she's actually good at, rather than patting yourself on the back for getting her out of the room with you. Turns out she can still cock-block you from even very far away, thanks to the magic of cell phones, and thanks to the fact that you put her in the most important position of any member of the team, with zero guidance, simply because she's irritating. This is Heidi's loss, and not even for good reasons.

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