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Lesson Four: Don't Use Your Words

Aaron says that they won on price and quantity, so maybe there was a price point difference after all that we don't know about. Sean complains at Jenn, Kristine, and Aimee for not pushing product hard enough, and Aimee whines at him that when he was there, there weren't any customers, so he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Considering Kinetic lost by around 19 units, she's right. I'm so sure he was there for hours and hours getting his nasty grease all over everything. Trump says, out of his ass, that they didn't push the product enough, and Aimee almost yells that she did. Jenn points out the obvious fact that the problem was traffic, meaning marketing, meaning shut up about Sean's useless and incorrect viceroying, and! Yay, Jenn! I like your hair now.

So the Marisa trap is set. The only way she's getting out of this is by shifting POS, delegation, and product over to Heidi. That's a hat trick but very possible. Unless you are Marisa, and then it's impossible, because you are crazy and suffering from extremely annoying logorrhea. Like so: "To be clear, Mr. Trump, I had a great idea, a thinking outside the box, big idea, which was ultimately shot down early on." (The "ultimately"/"early on" thing she did there is [sic], of course.) Play proceeds to the left.

Marisa: "Chicken suits, chicken suits, chicken suits."
Heidi: "Fuck your chicken suits."
Sean: "Arrow made it seem like a chicken party."
Marisa: "I don't mean to interrupt you, but I'm going to, for the rest of this episode, between every word, like the biggest asshole to ever play this game."
Sean: "Your restaurant looked like every other day in a restaurant."
Heidi: "Right? That's called marketing."
Trump: "Marisa, Marisa, Marisa: Who shot you down?"

Marisa: "Everybody I've ever met in my entire life! I am a victim of a right-wing conspiracy! How can chicken suits be a problem when the brand already has the dignity inherent in being called THE CRAZY CHICKEN? How am I crapping on the brand with that?"
Jacob: "Good point, actually."
Derek: "Hee, hee."
Marisa: "They shot down my big idea! My grandiose idea!"
Heidi: Obnoxious face, sadly appropriate sense of superiority.
Muna: "I'm not in the cult so I don't know the party line, but here's the thing. Marisa is awesome and smart, no lie. She is unable to listen to anything. She has already interrupted both Trump and Sean several times. She also balks like a maniac when things don't go her way, which is all the time, because she is a font of bad ideas. All of them having to do with chicken suits and the word Bravado."

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