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Lesson Four: Don't Use Your Words

"So unfortunately, that's the thing I'm most heartbroken about." Doubtful, unless you were raised in a plastic bubble. Take six months for some perspective, then do an interview with Roxanne demonstrating your continued lack of perspective.

What we learn from this is simple, but we've already talked about it a million times before. If you feel like you're getting frozen out of the proceedings, chances are that you are. The hard part, the bad news, is that you also have to understand that this is your fault, and that it's your responsibility to demonstrate flexibility and solve THAT problem, instead of continuing to behave the way that got you iced in the first place. This is a question without an answer, because anybody who's capable of being that logical or smart about it in the first place would already know this, so whatever. Don't be a dick, and if you are being a dick already, no amount of evidence has convinced you not to, so the chances of any of us having an effect are slim to none. At least try to be as beautiful as Marisa, because at this point all she's got are her smarts and her looks -- which is a hell of a lot to work with. The victim mentality and inability to change or work with people is the mango in the chicken of Marisa that makes it all so bleak. Find your mango and toss it out, please. It's only slowing you down.

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