Driving Miz-rahi

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A Very Supple, Cavernous, and Snuggly Episode

The girls meet QVC's David Miller and pick their products. Clint emphasizes that the task if not about quantity, but about profit margin. The choices are an Isaac Mizrahi bag, a reversible belt, a mother of pearl watch with a crocodile wrist band, and a printed scarf. Ratcheting up the pressure, the advisors arrive during the selection period. Octane decides to fake out Fortitude by pretending they want the watch, even though they really want the purse. The ladies of Fortitude instinctively zero in on selling either the watch or the belt. Brandy leaves it to Liza to decide, which Juan Betancourt thinks is her way of being manipulative and essentially blameless when and if they lose. In addition to the product, the teams can negotiate the time slot in which they sell their product. The guys decide to continue their fake-out by offering to give the girls first pick on the product if they give up first pick on time slot. They figure selling later in the evening will be more valuable than what they sell.

The teams meet, and the guys carry out their plan. Stewart laughs as Liza takes the watch and relinquishes the later time slot for selling. The guys tell the QVC suits they want the purse, and Brandy immediately realizes they've been duped. Catherine Roman cottons on to Clint's successful strategy, though Brandy wonder how successful Clint will be in up-selling the purse since it's already priced high ($109) to begin with. They decide to sell their watch, which QVC said should sell for at least $30.56, at a price point of $69.50. In layman's terms, that means that, if the guys of Octane price their bag at $200, the ladies will have to sell three watches for every bag. The ladies decide they're willing to gamble on it a.) because they have no choice and b.) because the guys will have a harder time selling something at such a high price point.

Octane. Clint jizzes all over the versatility of the purse while Steuart tries to establish a price point. Eventually Steuart can't help but laugh at how jazzed Clint is about the purse, which only confirms Clint's ideas that Steuart is just a little brother figure. After some debate, the guys decide to price the bag at $194.97 or three installments of $64.99. As Clint sniffs and fondles the bag, QVC host Gabrielle comes in to meet them and ascertain who will be guest host versus who will be the director of the show. Clint thinks Steuart is a pretty boy and makes an innuendo about his "Isaac Mizrahi pink tie." Steuart affirms his ambiguously gay aesthetic and decides he'll be the on-air personality. And then Steuart makes an off-color comment about fingering the bag. As he dissolves into giggles, Clint grows impatient, and it looks like the guys' approach may not be as foolproof as you might hope.

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