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A Very Supple, Cavernous, and Snuggly Episode

Trump asks Juan Betancourt for his input. He says, from a headhunter's perspective. Steuart would fit into a corporate environment better than Clint. Clint says he, as a 40-year-old, has more experience than 27-year-old Steuart. He brings up the "backhanded compliment" of Steuart comparing him to his father as support for this claim. Trump questions Clint's educational credentials. Clint says he was Magna Cum Laude at Texas Christian and has his law degree from Southern Methodist University. Trump asks if Steuart thinks Clint's credentials are impressive, and amazingly, Clint's all, "But I'm not done yet!" He says he's also a CPA, a real estate broker, and a mediator.

Trump asks for Catherine Roman's opinion. She says Clint has "a greater tool bag." Word up, sister. She says his breadth of experience would be suited to a greater variety of locations than Steuart's. Trump inquires about Steuart's education. Steuart says he got a business degree from Purdue, with a double minor in finance and marketing. Steuart adds that, after graduating, he financed his own company and made a million dollars in the first year. Clint chimes in that he's had five million-dollar companies. "At 23 years old," interjects Steuart. Clint claims he did all that at 23 years old, before graduating from law school. At which point things turn a little bit Penelope. Clint claims he is the quintessential entrepreneur. He and Steuart both acknowledge that they love one another, and Clint says he'd hire Steuart in a minute.

Trump tells them they're both outstanding, tremendous people. Also? Supple, cavernous, and snuggly! Trump tells them there is no loser tonight. Regardless, Steuart is fired. So I guess there actually is a loser. Sorry, Steu! The non-loser loser takes his leave, and Trump calls in the girls for the next firing.

In the non-loser loser cab, Steuart (who I've just realized sounds exactly like Patrick Dempsey) says losing sucks but he kept his integrity intact. In the sponsored "Next Steps" segment, Steuart tells us he's returned to his business and, with the knowledge he secured from the show, been able to focus and get more out of his business.

Next week: Clint and one of the ladies throw down! Trump brings back several former competitors, including Mahsa and her assertions that Clint "is not square with Jesus." The F2 coordinate various parts of golf tournament-slash-dinner for 500 involving Liza Minnelli and Kathy Griffin. And Don appoints Anand to the cheating oversight committee. Well, as they say, takes one to know one!

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