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"You must pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!"

Up in S4, Troy and Kwame enjoy their first win ever. Heh. Heidi says that indeed, this was a nice moment, given that they were winless to this point. They barely have time to catch their breath before it's time to get out and head for the Trump National Picnic. It all seems kind of strange to me, because when I was in college, people would sometimes go and hang out on a rich guy's lawn and eat sandwiches, only we called it civil disobedience. Ah, well. Anyway, a van carries them to a very nice-looking estate, complete with the vast green lawns and the pretty trees and all of that. Trump interviews that Bedford, where his house is, is "where the richest people live." He claims that the house is 55,000 square feet. Protégé drives up in its van and climbs out. Some random guy on the house staff brings them back out to the lawn to enjoy their "lovely picnic." The picnic seems to include your basic cheese-wine-fruit spread. Oh, and hot cider, because they're having this "picnic" in New York in, like, October or whatever, so it's not necessarily traditional picnic weather, in the sense that the ants are all little frozen corpses. Amy interviews that she "[has] feelings for the other team," but now she feels that she wants to see other people -- namely, this team. "To the first of many victories," she says as Protégé toasts. For some reason, everybody else is toasting with cider, and Heidi is toasting with...a dish of berries, I think. Sometimes, you just shake your head.

Back from commercials, we look in on S4 and the preparations for the Boardroom. Ereka and Katrina are having a chat, and they are just not happy with Tammy at all. "What the hell was Tammy thinking?" Katrina says angrily. Uhhh...that you were duped? Which is the same thing everybody else was thinking? "Fuck [something something]," Ereka thoughtfully replies. Katrina babbles about how Tammy didn't say anything in the Boardroom until that moment, and she's totally something something something...seriously, this conversation is very hard to follow, because Katrina makes no sense, and Ereka makes no sense, and they're sort of turning into a bitchier version of the "Delta Delta Delta, can I help-ya help-ya help-ya" sketch at a very rapid rate. Ereka interviews that she was "furious" that Tammy said they were duped -- even though, apparently, Trump had said that himself, so it's not like Tammy told him anything he didn't already know. Ereka calls it "so typical of her, but so out of line." VersaCorp has a meeting, and Boyfriend Bill asks Katrina if she wants to reveal who she's taking to the Boardroom. As we watch her smirk smugly, contemplating her power over everyone else's fate, we see Katrina interview that "part of the reason [they] lost the task was the final negotiating." Fascinating, considering that the $1650 that Bill got them was the same $1650 they had apparently set as their target rent before they even started. Moreover, she seemed perfectly happy with the rent he got until she found out they actually lost -- in fact, before she knew she lost, she said that Protégé would never win except by "luck." She certainly seemed to think that Bill negotiated a perfectly appropriate rent, right up until she found out how high Protégé's final rent was. Finally, in order to beat Protégé's markup of 27 percent, VersaCorp would have had to rent the apartment for more than $1900. Does she think that if Boyfriend Bill had done a better job of negotiating, he was going to get $1900? When the tenant started by asking about $1600, and they had less than an hour to work with at that point? No, Katrina, that is not why you lost, dear.

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