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"You must pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!"

But anyway, she says that it is, and that she thinks Bill mishandled the rent negotiation. Back in the suite, she says that she's just trying to be "fair." Because, after all, she's a good person. Ereka, meanwhile, also blames Bill, arguing that he "requested" that they all not be in the room. Totally his fault! If all five of them had been there, they would totally have gotten $1900, I guess. Katrina, back in the suite, says that nobody should take it personally -- which she only has to say because she herself would totally take it personally -- and Bill agrees that it's not personal. Nick, in a completely spot-on fashion, says that the person who ought to have some fingers pointed at her is Katrina. He thinks it all came down to which apartment they got, and he apparently thinks she could have done more to bring home the 3rd Street apartment. It's interesting -- I don't think she could have done much more there, but I do think she could have used all that expertise to get them some more prospects -- and maybe do a little more to spruce up the place besides replace the kitchen cabinets, which really did appear to be almost all they did. We also get to see Ereka, back in the suite, saying, "There was no 'duping' going on," and Katrina agreeing. "No. And I want to make that very clear, Tammy," Katrina says dismissively. "Well, then, why is it all an issue, then?" Tammy quite rightly asks. Ereka looks at her like she's a total idiot. "We don't think it is, you understand?" Ereka says, like Tammy is three years old. They are such idiots. Of course they think it's an issue! Katrina loses her shit every time it comes up! She freaked out about it in front of Trump! Tammy is exactly right -- if Katrina wasn't duped, what is she complaining about? God. Ereka is stupid, and Katrina is stupider, so they can both go away just any old time now. Ereka acts incredibly obnoxious in this sequence, because she realizes that Tammy is right, and she's wrong, and it makes her head want to just about blow up, so when she's out of responses, she just says, "You have to listen better to the argument and then respond to it." Hate. Her. This was the week that my distaste for Ereka and Katrina blossomed from vague distaste into full-on acrimony of the "die, dimwit, die" variety. Tammy gives the obligatory "maybe I'll get fired, maybe I won't" interview that someone -- usually the eventual bootee -- gives every week, and then we are mercifully done.

VersaCorp heads for the Boardroom. When they're there, Trump finally walks in. "So," he says to Katrina, "you took a beating." He asks Carolyn if she has anything she wants to ask. Carolyn asks why Katrina, with her claimed real estate experience, didn't show the apartment and negotiate the rent instead of Bill. What I love about it is that Carolyn doesn't quite say Katrina is the expert -- she points out that, many times, Katrina said she was the expert. Heh. "As a leader, I delegated to Bill," she says confidently. Bill argues that having everyone in the apartment was unnecessary, and he defends the job he did as the "agent." Bernie's all, okay, but why not the licensed agent rather than you? Boyfriend Bill: "I don't know." Bernie asks Katrina the same question. She says that as the leader, she was in charge of the renovation. In other words, she was responsible for only the part she's not licensed in. The last thing you want intruding on a task is someone's training, for crying out loud. She brags some more about the general contractor she procured. Asked if he could have gotten a higher rent, Boyfriend Bill says that he could have -- if there had been more prospects looking at the apartment. I think that's exactly right. Katrina starts to snot that he could still have done better, and he asks her why, if that's true, she didn't step in. Trump tells them that they did a great job with the renovations, so maybe they should be "builders, but not necessarily business people." Oooh, burn.

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