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When they're gone, Trump harps some more on the disloyalty, which just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Everyone in the room knew they were duped. Trump knew they were duped. It's not that disloyal to honestly assess what happened with your team and where you went wrong. Bernie says, more to the point, that he doesn't think Tammy "brought anything to the table," and that I do agree with. Except she did bring The Forks of Wackiness, The Spoons of Socially Inappropriate Behavior, and The Folded Napkins of Ineptitude. Those things all were indeed brought to the table by our Miss Tammy, and for her pure unpredictability, I will miss her. Godspeed, Tammy. Do me a favor -- if you see Carson Daly, yell out, "Where's Tiger?"

Tammy heads out to her cab. In her exit interview, she says that she still doesn't think she did anything wrong, but the team ganged up on her, and there wasn't much she could do about it, really. "It brings out certain emotions when you bring out the truth," she says. I'm telling you, you'll never see so many genuine just-plain-folks in your life as you will see when you visit the world of reality television. Everybody is just being real, man.

Next week: Yes, Trump makes bottled water. And you have to sell it. Amy and Nick do a little more flirting and a little bad dancing. Ereka wears that stupid, ugly quilted shirt again. Amy is angry from one angle, and then she is angry in exactly the same clip flipped around and shown from the other side. Hey, do I look like an amateur, people? Oh, and everyone still hates Assorama. And guess what? Best! Boardroom! Ever! I so hope that's true.

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