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"You must pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!"

Trump moves into his big pitch about how now, they're on his "turf." It's real estate time. He explains that he's renovating the building they're in, and when he's done, the units will be sold "to very rich people." Did you get that? This project is intended for rich people! In fact, the penthouse will cost $35 million. The candidates, on the other hand, will be working "on a slightly smaller scale." The PMs will be shown two Brooklyn apartments, and they'll "negotiate" for which one they want. Then the teams will renovate the apartments and rent them out. Whoever gets the highest markup over the market rent will be the winner. Their work will be monitored by the most excellent Carolyn and the slightly less excellent Bernie "NotGeorge" Diamond. The teams have three days starting today, and they need to be done by 5:00 PM on the last day. Heidi squeaks, when Trump is gone, that she's so happy Amy is on their team -- yaaay! Amy interviews that she thinks that Protégé probably chose her because she's the only person on the other team who gets along with Assorama. "Even though I don't really like her," Amy adds with a dismissive wave of her hand. Heh. Had I been Protégé, I think I would have certainly picked either Amy or Boyfriend Bill -- I think those were the two choices, so they didn't do as badly as Kristi did when she originally set up their team. I wouldn't have put Nick on a team with Troy and Kwame, because of the autograph-signing kerfuffle. We then have to get Nick's perspective on the loss of Amy, of course, and he expresses no surprise, but a little bit of the grand bummer at the loss of Amy from the team. "She's a great girl," he says. We then see him in an interview that I suspect is separate. "She's very, very pretty, and she's intelligent as well. She reminds me of my mom," he grins. Yeah, I don't like Nick, but that comment didn't skeeve me out nearly as much as it did a lot of other people. You're better off with guys who would mean that as a compliment, as opposed to ones who would mean it as an insult. As one of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters pointed out, it's not like he said "in bed" or something. Admittedly, that would have been skeevy.

As the teams plot strategy, still at the construction site, a little piece of drywall falls and hits Assorama on the head. Again, props to EEFP binkbink, who pointed out the following: "Even buildings hate Omarosa. Awesome." Boyfriend Bill deadpans that it "didn't appear to be that threatening of an injury." We then see Assorama claim in an interview that although she has "a little bit of a headache," she's "a trouper." For some reason, she holds up her bicep, as if you need strong biceps to survive a bump on the head. Maybe she's going to use her arms to hold up her head so that her neck doesn't have to...never mind, I don't get it, and I should stop thinking I'm going to.

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