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"You must pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!"

Apparently, Troy and Katrina have been appointed PMs for the task, because they next are seen in a taxi heading for Brooklyn to see the apartments. "Real estate is basically my life," Katrina brags. She yammers on and on about how real estate is her "passion" and blah dee blah, and you can kind of see Troy totally tuning out and listening to music in his head. As they get out of the taxi at the first apartment, he voices over that Katrina is "sharp as a whip." Smart as a tack, also. Yow! Troy predicts that she will be "a fantastic adversary." Presumably, by "fantastic," he means "amusing." Troy says that there will be pressure on him, but he does it in an interview in which he's looking in the mirror, which is just a little more sophisticated in the way production values than I'm really looking for from this particular show. Katrina then explains that they got a tour of the first apartment, which was located on Court Street. I like the apartment, actually -- especially the brick interior wall, which I think is stylish and interesting-looking. The bathroom, on the other hand, isn't looking so hot. They then head over to 3rd Street, where the second apartment is. This one is a little bit more beat up, I think, and the wood floors are in less admirable shape. The kitchen cabinets also look like they're hanging from their hinges fairly desperately.

Katrina and Troy adjourn outside. They both get on the Space Communicators with their teams. Katrina tells her team that the second apartment "looks like an absolute disaster," but she intones gravely that "if you have vision," the second one has more potential. Meanwhile, Troy tells his team essentially the same thing -- that his gut says to take the 3rd Street apartment. He doesn't say it with pretentious references to "vision," though, which is why he's...well, not her. Troy interviews that by the time he went over to talk to Katrina, he already knew they wanted the same one, because he'd overheard her (which, incidentally, is entirely her own damn fault) telling her team that she wanted 3rd Street. Troy tells Katrina that he'll let her go first and make an offer. "Troy," she says condescendingly, "why don't you just tell me which one you want?" He tells her, "I'll give you ten seconds, and then we'll just go straight to the coin flip." Which makes perfect sense. He's basically saying, "I'm not going to tell you which one I want. You can tell me which one you want, or we can flip a coin and the winner picks." It's perfectly fair. Katrina won't accept this, and has an idea where they'll exchange slips of paper. He says again that he really would rather just do the coin, so she goes all bitchy and passive-aggressive on him. "You don't feel confident in your decision?" He says he does feel confident; he just wants her to offer something if she wants to offer something, or else they can flip a damn coin, because he's not offering anything. "Are you relying on my expertise?" she snots. And then she makes this googly-eyed grinning "oooh, I got you" face that makes me want to punch her right in the kidney. For the simple reason that she is being such a smug, impossible bitch, he finally says fine, they'll write on a piece of paper. She looks at him all self-satisfied, going, "Country boy charm's not gonna work for this one." "Okay," he says. (In retrospect, that's extremely funny.) "You write down what you want," he says, "and I'll write down what I want." Take note of the wording.

She scribbles. He scribbles. Troy interviews that he found this whole "third grade" paper exchange totally ridiculous. But they do trade papers, and when Katrina opens his, it says, "I want what you want." Heeee hee. He interviews that he did this thinking that it would "get her goat." And you have to remember, of course, that she was being a complete snot about all her expertise, and he already knew they wanted the same place, and he had already suggested a coin flip to decide who would get to pick, and she had been all pinchy-faced about it. It seems like a totally understandable move to me on his part. Tricky, yes. But he knows it doesn't affect the outcome, and he knows she's trying to psych him out, so this is him psyching her out. It's brilliant, if you think about it -- he's making her think he took advantage of her in some dirty way, when he didn't. And he's doing it because he knows her, and he knows that this won't rev her up -- it'll just distract her and make her lose her composure. Which it does. "That's not ethical," she spits, suddenly dead serious now that she's not crowing about all her expertise. She interviews, "I think Troy is a sleazeball, I think he's despicable...he's the most dishonest person that I've ever met." Apparently, he's the most dishonest person that Katrina has ever met as a result of having done this one thing. Katrina has not met very many people if that's really true, because...that was tricky, but if that's the most dishonest behavior you've ever been exposed to, you need to get out more. Start with the online personals.

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