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"You must pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!"

S4. It appears that there is construction at Trump Tower itself, which wakes up the candidates and throws them into nasty moods. Or, in some cases, nastier moods. Ereka complains that she didn't get enough sleep, and then she felt frustrated by the inability to do more "on the marketing side." We see her filling out what seems to be an online listing for the apartment. She wants a price to fill in. Nick suggests $1800, and then he seems to say $1600, and Boyfriend Bill counters with $1700, and they settle on listing it at $1650. Tammy now opens up a whole different problem, speculating that she thinks the apartments may not get rented at all, given the short time frame. ["In New York City? That's the only time frame there is, Tammy. Get in the game. Wait…never mind." -- Sars] The rest of the team kind of blows her off, as they do, as she insists that she thinks failure to rent either apartment is the most likely outcome. Ereka snots that she should go to the other team, because she's setting them up to lose -- which is dumb, because she's saying she thinks neither team will actually get a lease signed. What Tammy seems to be getting at is that she wants to plan for that possibility and think about how the competition would then be decided. It's not really a completely ridiculous thing for her to bring up. But of course her team pays no attention to her, because she's pretty well established herself as Crazy Girl You're Better Off Ignoring. My least favorite thing about Tammy's weird behavior, actually, is that it gives Ereka something to act superior to.

Over at the Protégé apartment, Assorama lies down on the floor. Apparently, her drywall bump on the head has blossomed into a workers' compensation lost-time injury of some sort. Heidi, meanwhile, says that her mom is getting operated on this week. She points out that, actually, having work to keep her busy is probably a good thing. And I agree with that, too. She says that Mom wants her to stay, and she wants to stay, so she's being all strong for Mom. Which is fine. Doesn't change anything of the past behavior, but it's fine. Please see Jenna Morasca for details. Who knew I was going to need a general rule for unpleasant women with family medical emergencies? Oy.

Attention turns back to Assorama's injury, and Amy interviews that apparently, once they got more involved in the work, it turned out to be worse than she thought. Huh. Interesting, no? Amy says flat-out that Assorama used this "minor bump on the head" as an excuse not to work. Yeah, that's my guess, too. Particularly because of the useless meetings that appeared to have been called for the same purpose. As Assorama sits on the steps of the building, Heidi mutters inside about how much she hates Assorama. "I think she's worthless and useless." Yep, there's that class I keep hearing so gosh-darn much about. Outside, Assorama spots some kids playing ball and asks if she can play. Huh. Guess the head injury that kept her from working didn't keep her from playing, eh? My mother calls this rule "no school, no scouts" -- if you're too sick for the stuff you don't want to do, you're also too sick for the stuff you do want to do. So Assorama isn't that badly hurt. She's just kinda bitching, as usual, and doing just about what she feels like doing, as usual. And from what we see when she starts playing, she's not setting the world on fire playing basketball, either. Pfft, talk about "all talk."

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