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"You must pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!"

Over at VersaCorp, Katrina brings in a general contractor who she has apparently nailed down for $1500 to do unspecified work inside the apartment. It seems like he's going to do the cabinets, but other than that, I don't know. As they paint the ceiling, Nick and Boyfriend Bill have a chat about the fact that they certainly wouldn't have been able to get the contractor in for that price. "It's a woman's world we're livin' in, Nick," Boyfriend Bill says. Yes, yes, it's very sad. I'd probably find that comment kind of tiresome and obnoxious if the women hadn't already proved that they do in fact use sex for everything, so I can't blame the guys for their chosen hypothesis as to how this came to be. I wonder how many times you have to jump up and down to get a laminate countertop. Anyway, Tammy doesn't like the way some of the paint is drying, so Boyfriend Bill bets her fifty bucks that it will dry fine, and she accepts. Boyfriend Bill interviews that Tammy, again, wasn't "on the same page" as the team. There's a little montage here of Tammy being flaky, but there's nothing that's very clear, as far as things you would call her out on. Katrina is bitching to Bill and Nick that she told Tammy not to talk to the contractor, so I'm sure Tammy was being her usual weird self, but in some ways, it would have been more helpful to see at least one example of something worse than Tammy making a request that the contractors say they can't accommodate, which is really all we see. Katrina then interviews that Tammy "only creates obstacles" and "adds no value to the team." Hee, "adds value." Katrina has been spending way too much time with people who read their employers' mission statements regularly. Katrina then giggles to one of the construction guys that he should ignore Tammy because she's "crazy."

The next day, Boyfriend Bill says that the unit turned out to be "incredible." He claims that they put "$20,000 worth of work" into it, I mean, they did fix up the kitchen cabinets, and they did clean the bathroom. Other than that, I'm a little baffled about where he thinks $20,000 would have gone. Katrina crows in an interview that her "expertise" was really key, and she "can't imagine that Troy would have been able to even come close to the quality of work that I produced." And when she says "I," she means "the person I hired." I doubt she draws a distinction.

Over at the Protégé apartment, Troy says that he feels excited. His team has done away with the horrible orange walls, added nice-looking curtains that emphasize the big windows, fixed up and painted the bathroom, and vastly improved the look of the kitchen. "We need to beat them," he says with a smile.

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