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"Those Beeyotches Are Gonna Be Sorry"

Boardroom. Curtis Stone is the smileyest person in the world. Trump tells the contestants they don't want to be in the boardroom, and introduces Don and Ivanka. The women say their name is Tenacity, which Trump likes. He knew a woman by that name once, and didn't like her. He likes it better than RockSolid. Maria announces Bret is the men's project manager and tears his picture in half. The guys knew it! Sharon says they don't think Bret's weak, but he has had only one hour's sleep. The guys announce Cyndi and lie that they want to take out a strong player, who knows New York. They lie even more and say she's the strongest. Trump explains the challenge: They'll be running a diner, and whoever takes in the most money in terms of sales and tips wins. The diners are at 53rd and Madison and 62nd and Lexington. Cyndi chooses 62nd and Lexington, and the guys agree. Curtis says he'll be of great assistance to Bret. Trump says the winning project manager will win a helluva lot of money for charity; and someone will be fired. And no one wants to be the first one fired.

RockSolid HQ: Bret tells his whole team to call everyone they know in the city to tell them to come to the restaurant. He tells Curtis he's the master. Curtis says they're better off keeping their restaurant exclusive instead of letting people come in off the street and spend twenty dollars. He says he'll get premium food, like truffles, and they can charge high prices. Darryl gets on the phone, because he's "Mr. New York." Tenacity HQ: They don't want to make theirs fancy. They'll just leave it as a diner, then Cyndi explains to us that she was fired from IHOP. They discuss food, but Sharon thinks food doesn't matter, since they're coming here to see celebrities and support charity. She interviews she wants to tell Cyndi to shut the fuck up and let her lead, but she can't do that. Selita says she can cook, but she knows Curtis can cook, too. Oh, really. Maybe the word "chef" clued her in. Cyndi's not thrilled to be the first project manager, because she's not sure how to play this game. She says she thinks you're supposed to sleep with the fishes. Dude, how many drugs has Cyndi Lauper done?

Time to see the restaurants. Curtis wants to check the whole thing out, because he's so excited. He wants to use the food they find in the fridge, so he can make burgers and chicken cutlets. Bret tells us that, at that moment, he looked up and said, "God, I know I've done a lot of rotten things in my life, but thank you for giving me Curtis." Awww, it's like the new Rock of Love, and Curtis wins! Bret says he can barely make a peanut butter sandwich. And he totally defers to Curtis, which isn't always advised, but in this case it's probably for the best. The women enter their restaurant, and are noisy and chaotic. Summer and Carol are going to do fliers. Sharon tries to track someone down to take pictures but can't find anyone, so she goes outside and asks the paparazzi guy, who agrees. Holly takes it upon herself to put together a menu, since Cyndi hasn't given anyone any tasks. Cyndi tells us Holly's great and everything, but very bossy. Because she wants to serve fries with the burgers. Carol interviews that she thinks these women are "some dumb bitches," but there's no explanation why. Other than, you know, they're dumb. Curtis manages to score some truffles to make wild mushroom and truffle risotto.

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