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"Those Beeyotches Are Gonna Be Sorry"

Back with the women, Cyndi drives Holly crazy by focusing on nothing but photos herself. Holly wants her to make calls and try to get some big donors. Ivanka shows up to visit, and Cyndi tells her she's doing well. After Ivanka leaves, she comments on Cyndi being too focused on the photos. Ivanka asks about their price point, and seems to think it's too low, so they're obviously counting on volume. So they listen, and decide to charge $100 for their burger. The guys decide on $100 right away for a burger, an extra $100 for truffles, $250 for the truffle risotto. Ivanka shows up there next, and asks if their focus is on food or fundraising. They say both, and tell her about the $250 risotto. She thinks that's a little out-there for a burger joint, and Curtis begins to worry, but Bret says once he's in, he's all in, and why fill the place up to make only $300?

Tenacity Burger. Holly's doing her fundraising, and says she shines here because she does it all the time, as a mother of a kid with autism. Cyndi says she wants to come through, but she's not friends with a lot of rich people. She says the one rich person she does know is Rosie, who Trump insulted for four months on television. "And he, ironically, is not a thin man." Which is really not the point, but leave it to Cyndi to not exactly express what she's trying to say. Cyndi calls her and then says it wasn't good, so I don't think Rosie's going to show up on Trump's show.

RockSolid Burger. Curtis is focused, working hard on food prep. He makes everyone wear hats. Back at Tenacity Burger, the women are realizing that food prep actually means using a knife and grinding stuff. Gasp! They cut up meat and slice potatoes. So do the men, and Curtis thinks it's hilarious to have the former governor of Illinois as his sous chef. He'll never get the image of him in his little hat out of his mind. Rod says he didn't cook at all as governor of Illinois. "I was cooking up results for people, right?" Uh, cooking up something, I guess. The women squeal as they grind meat and cook up fries. Bret sits his troops down and thanks them for working hard. Sinbad says Bret likes to rally a lot, so he thinks Poison must have hugged a lot, all "We like to rock." I could get used to having comedians on this show.

Next morning, Sharon Osbourne's on a radio show, inviting everyone to the diner. Cyndi listens with a totally blank face, until they put her on the radio, too. RockSolid's hanging up their "Celebrity Diner" fliers. Bret tells us he's had only four and a half hours of sleep in the past two days, but he says everyone's in Superman mode. Curtis and Goldberg prepare their food, and it actually looks delicious. Rod learns to use a waiter pad. He's looking forward to getting acquainted with America. Then he practices his waiting skills on Darryl and Sinbad, who thinks there's nothing like having Blagojevich take your order. Back at Tenacity Burger, we learn everyone's duties: Everyone has a job inside, except Carol, who's out on a street corner screaming. Shouldn't they have gotten someone that people might actually recognize to do that? Holly says they had to make sure the big donors were the ones catered to, since they're only open for three hours. The place is basically packed with a line down the block, and Maria says everyone was Twittering about it. Cyndi's friend, Steve, plays accordion and Cyndi starts singing "True Colors." The crowd doesn't look all that into it, and Sharon certainly doesn't. She says it's like the fucking Star Wars bar in here. Hee. Though the line cooks -- Summer and Selita -- seem to enjoy it. Cyndi delivers someone the wrong food.

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