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"Those Beeyotches Are Gonna Be Sorry"

RockSolid Burger's getting it going: Sinbad's on the street. Bret's the project manager and the busboy. Curtis and Goldberg are cooking. Rod's serving, and he greets people with, "I didn't do those things, by the way." Some folks came in and couldn't afford $100, so they left without eating. Basically, there's not a line out the door at RockSolid. Sinbad gets why a man on the street wouldn't stop and, to his credit, he tells people it's not cheap but it's for charity. I still think it has to be smarter to sell three burgers for $100 than thirty for $10, right? But, back at Tenacity Burger, things are hopping, so I guess we'll find out. Cyndi says she felt like she was in a comedy, and we watch her balance food and drinks and then give people the wrong order. Don shows up and asks how Cyndi is, and she's like, "I'm just working, and working, and working." She asks if he'd mind talking and walking. Don says it seems pretty chaotic, probably since Cyndi doesn't know much about doing this. But he did see plenty of Wall Street types there, so he thinks the ladies were tapping their resources accordingly. Maria's running around trying to bus tables and take care of things, and they have a line around the block, but Carol's still on the corner trying to call people in. Maria finally goes out and asks her to come in and help, so she starts taking counter orders.

RockSolid Burger. Sinbad's not having the same luck calling people in as Carol, but he says people are trickling in, and they seem to be leaving happy. Eventually, the restaurant gets slammed. And then Al Roker shows up, thanks to Curtis inviting all his "friends at the Today show." Some folks offer up extra money for their burger. One guy pays $1,000 and some scroungy guy pays $1,500. He's a friend of Bret's, and another friend of his pays up. Bret says everyone made calls and got people in there to throw down money. Don shows up, and Bret tells him it's fantastic: high pressure and screaming, but it's great and means something's happening. Don thinks the men are organized and working well as a team. He thinks Curtis is doing a great job, but has a huge problem if the men lose, since he should know this better than anyone. Tenacity Burger seems to be getting some donations, too, especially from some of Cyndi's friends. She hugs and kisses them and gets teary talking about it later, because it made her realize she's really loved. Sharon's connections brought some big donors in, too. They make a $1,500 sale or two, and one $2,500 sale.

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